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Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep and Tara celebrate Dushehra. Deep burns the Raavan idol and ends the evil. Everyone has mystery elements hidden. Deep celebrates with Tara, but longs for Aarohi. Aarohi also attends the Raavan Dahan. She gets revengeful against Deep. She finds Deep happy with his mother and Tara. Deep gets a call and excuses himself. He gets threatened by someone. Deep is being with Tara only for his mum’s sake. Deep wants to protect his mum. Tara acts as an ideal bahu and takes advantage of the situation. She blackmails Deep about his mother./p>

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Guddan wanted to keep a fast, but her bahus trouble her. They don’t let Guddan complete her fast. They lie and ask Guddan to have food. Guddan falls in their words and eat the food. Guddan also finds ways to trouble her bahus. She is determined to not let them go easily. Dadi learns that Guddan hasn’t kept the fast and scolds her. Dadi feels Guddan can’t keep any fast, its not her cup of tea. Dadi gets upset with Guddan. The guests also taunt Guddan.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita faces Raman’s anger. Raman takes it on his ego. Ishita and Romi get speechless when Raman hits them with the questions. Raman is upset with them for making him feel so incompetent and useless that he can’t deal with his own problems. He asks Ishita does she think that he is so incapable that he can’t save his company. He tells her that he will manage the losses, he will manage the company and also Aaliya’s grand wedding. He wants to spend much in Aaliya’s wedding, even if they have nothing. He tells Ishita that he doesn’t care for any bankruptcy, the world will see a lavish wedding. Ishita tells him that they have no money, they can’t manage huge expenses.

Salim confesses love to Anarkali. He proposes her for marriage, to which she outright refuses. Salim gets on hurting himself to see if his best friend cares for him. He asks Anarkali if she can see his wounds. He emotionally blackmails Anarkali. Anarkali stops him from hurting himself and accepts that she loves him immensely. Salim gets rejoicing on her love confession. Salim tells her that he wants to marry her, and doesn’t care for the world. Anarkali is ready to support him in his decision. Salim hugs Anarkali and tells him that she will become his queen, but is just scared for his future. Anarkali is afraid thinking of the dire consequences. Salim has no idea how his decision will affect Moghal kingdom.

Shivay’s situation, behavior and life have changed after five years. Shivay gets reluctant. Anika wants to bring his life on track again. She decides not to leave him alone and support him. She becomes his courage. Shivay’s jail stay has surrounded him in a trauma. Anika doesn’t let him deter. Anika doesn’t want Shivay to live in fear. Shivay holds Anika’s hand and enters the office. Shivay feels everything has changed. Anika tells him that change is the only thing constant, and he should also accept the changes around, so that he can adjust and lead his life again. He gets afraid, but Anika clears his mind.

Silsila: Mauli to show a mirror of truth to Kunal… Mauli makes a video, where she asks Nandini to leave from Kunal’s life. She speaks her heart out. She wants to have a happy family again. She does a mistake and the video reaches Kunal. Kunal confronts Mauli for instigating Nandini for leaving from his life. He asks why can’t she move on if he has moved on, if she always respected him, why can’t she respect his decision. Mauli tells him that she can’t forget him, she still loves him a lot. Mauli sheds tears. Nandini feels bad for her. Kunal gets defensive of Nandini. Kunal doesn’t let Nandini go away. He has rescued Nandini from Rajdeep’s clutches.

Yeh Rishta: Huge twists during Navratri-Dandiya celebrations… Kartik and Naira plan Dandiya event in Goenka house. They want to unite Goenka family again. Kartik and Naira, Naksh and Kirti make plans to unite Manish and Akhilesh again. Manish wants Akhilesh’s anger to melt down, so that he accepts the family’s cordial terms again. Kartik and Naira organize Dandiya nights and invite Singhanias as well. Everyone graces the occasion with their wonderful presence. Goenkas and Singhanias play Garba and enjoy the Dandiya fest. Kartik and Naira also have a romantic moment while dancing. Naksh and Kirti have a light dance. Naksh doesn’t want Kirti to get stressed by Akhilesh’s matter. Akhilesh demands Manish to divide the family business.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai gets dresses for Aadhya, and asks her to change before going to sleep. She asks him to let her go home. He frees her. Aadhya thinks to run away from Jai’s clutches. She wakes up in the morning and doesn’t see Jai. She gets Jai’s letter. She learns that Jai has gone to get breakfast for her. She wants to go her home. He asks her not to go anywhere till he returns. She thinks that her parents are finding her and would be much worried for her. Jai doesn’t think of families, and just secures her.

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