YRKKH: Kartik-Naira unveil the mysterious nemesis

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YRKKH: Kartik-Naira unveil the mysterious nemesis… Entire Goenka family get decked up for the Dandiya night. Kartik-Naira organize an event for the family and invite many guests. On the other hand, Akhilesh gets instructed from the mystery person to host an event himself so that the people know about Goenka family breaking out. Akhilesh doesn’t want to hurt any other family member. He gets brainwashed that everyone in the family is responsible for his state. He decides to declare the house division to the society by keeping the Dandiya event separately. Kartik-Naira get worried on seeing another banner by Akhilesh. Kartik removes the banner and requests Akhilesh to enjoy family time for the last time. He doesn’t want Akhilesh to upset anyone.

Akhilesh agrees to celebrate with the family, since the division is happening soon. Kartik takes Akhilesh with him. Manish’s presence gets annoying Akhilesh. Kartik acts to support Akhilesh for the division move. Manish gets happy that Kartik convinced Akhilesh by his own strategy. Kartik realizes that Akhilesh still loves the family. Kartik and Naira have a romantic Dandiya dance. They feel disconnected from the world for a moment and celebrate the festival happily. Kartik and Naira want to mend the affected relations between Akhilesh and Manish.

They are sure to manage their family problems, without letting the society know about the house division. They unite the family in the Dandiya celebrations, when Akhilesh announces a different celebration. Dadi fears that the family will shatter with Akhilesh’s demand for his shares. Manish has no objection to give Akhilesh his share. He prepares to give away entire stake to Akhilesh. Kartik too supports Manish and is very much selfless. Naira too supports the Goenka family in their sacrificing move. She is sure that Akhilesh is also selfless and will rethink over his decision once they clear his mind.

Akhilesh is upset with Manish and wants to strike at the family dignity, which matters the most to Manish and Dadi. Akhilesh feels Manish is given more importance in the family. Kirti and Naksh are sure that they will convince Akhilesh, since Kartik and Naira are making good plans to unite the family. Akhilesh unwillingly dances with Manish. Manish gets a new hope with Kartik’s move. Kartik and Naira decide to find the mystery person, who is instigating Akhilesh against the family, so that they can find a solution to all the problems at once. Kartik worries that the lawyers are coming the next day for the house and business division. He wants to hurry up and stop the division at any cost. Kartik will be finding about a hidden part of the Goenka family and past. Keep reading for more on YRKKH.

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