High Five Spoilers: Ishqbaaz and more

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Ishqbaaz: Rudra threatens Anika that he will destroy Shivay completely by making his name and identity wipe off from the business circuit. He doesn’t want Shivay to dominate the business once again. He feels Shivay had killed Tej just for the sake of business and now he has lost all rights on Oberoi empire. He wants to punish Shivay by keeping him deprived of love, family and his rights on business. Rudra wants to take revenge on Shivay. He is happy that Shivay is like a dead person for them and for the world, Shivay’s identity is half lost and will be gone completely when he breaks down Shivay.

He challenges Anika to handle her husband if she can and declares an open war. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya make a plan and try hard to unite the Oberoi brothers. Anika plans a surprise for Shivay and gets disco lights to decorate the room. She gets tangled in the lights, which brings a smile on Shivay’s face. She tries to put efforts and falls in Shivay’s arms. The lights glow when they have a moment. Anika gets happy seeing a bright hope in Shivay.

Internet Wala Love:

Aadhya gets saved from Jai’s clutches, but gets trapped by the goons. Aadhya runs away from Samrat’s goons. Jai saves her once again. Jai and Aadhya get locked in the room. They struggle to get free from the goons’ sight. Aadhya feels safe when Jai is around. Their friendship begins. Jai protects her. He wants to ensure her safety and happiness. Aadhya sees a caring side of Jai and changes her opinion about him. She doesn’t know that Samrat has made them against each other always.

Jai wonders where will he sleep. Aadhya does arrangements when there is nothing around. She uses her smartness and gets useless things into use. She surprises Jai by her wise approach. Jai tells her that they can go out only in the morning. He asks her to sleep as well. She trusts Jai that he will drop her home safely. He promises her that he will solve the mess he created and make her reach her family.


Chakor gets worried for Suraj when the days passes soon and the court hearing gets close. She wants to end Anjor’s hatred by getting Suraj home. Suraj gets tortured by Vikram, when Chakor doesn’t withdraw the case. Suraj gets proud of Chakor that she didn’t give up in front of evil. Suraj tells Vikram that Chakor will burn his evil kingdom in no time. Vikram gets enraged and reveals his evil intentions to Suraj. He tells Suraj that even if Chakor withdraws the case against Rajeshwari, even if Rajeshwari gets freed from the blames, he will kill Suraj and Chakor.

Yeh Rishta: Unthinkable turns true for Goenkas… Dadi realizes that someone from the past is knocking the door and wants to enter the family again to break them apart. She recollects her son, who was been ousted from the family years ago because of his evil intentions. The third son of Dadi will be creating a big havoc in Goenka house. Kartik and Naira are unaware of the mystery person, instigating Akhilesh, but they are certain that someone is behind this conspiracy of breaking the Goenka family and also defaming them by spreading the news of the Goenka family partition.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:

Guddan is living between her enemies in Akshat’s house. She faces the troubles by her Bahus. A new twist comes when Durga gives a tough challenge to Guddan. Durga gives some money to Guddan. Guddan asks Durga to give nek to kinners. Durga asks Guddan to count her mistakes if she wants more mistakes. Kinners feel bad for Guddan. Gudaan counts her mistakes and gets money for the kinners. Durga tells Guddan that she is good for nothing and a burden on Jindal family. Guddan bears the insult. Kinners bless Guddan and find her good-hearted.

Jijaji Chath Par Hai:
Ilaychi keeps Karwachauth fast for Pancham. She gets hungry and finds tough to fast. Murari gets the costly lahenga from the store and lies to everyone when he gets caught. He tells Karuna that he has got it especially for her since she has kept Karwachauth fast for him. He says I wanted to do something good for Karuna. Ilaychi feels proud of him. He tells her that he can’t keep any fast, he can’t bear hunger. Karuna gets a big shock seeing a costly gift from miser Murari. she gets too happy. Pancham informs Murari about theft in the store. He tells them that the costly lahenga wasn’t getting sold since months. Karuna and Ilaychi realize that Murari has gifted the clearance stock. Karuna gets angry and returns the gift. Pancham learns Murari has given it to Karuna. He flops Murari’s plan and gets scolded. Pancham gets to know that Ilaychi has kept a fast for him. He wants to break her Karwachauth fast and support her equally.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Navin creates a big scene when Anurag blames him to be characterless and a fraud. Navin tells Mohini that he has loved Anurag as his son and can’t take such insult from him. He gets angry and tells Mohini that if Anurag has a problem with his marriage with Prerna, then he is ready to sacrifice his love for Prerna for Anurag’s sake and cancel the marriage. Navin declares that he will not marry Prerna. He calls off the marriage and presents this as a big favor on Anurag. Anurag tells Mohini that Navin is cheating them again and is refusing for marriage just to get their sympathy.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer tries to apologize to Zara. He tries to charm her and end her anger. They have a sweet moment. Kabeer tells her that she means the world to him. He pacifies her growing sorrow and understands that his relation with Ruksar has hurt Zara a lot. Kabeer and Zara wants to end their problems, but keep silence by their ego and hesitance. Kabeer doesn’t want to miss the chance of reconciliation in his dream. He tries hard to say sorry to her. Zara finds hard to forgive him. Kabeer knows her anger is justified and supports her.

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