Yeh Rishta: Unthinkable turns true for Goenkas

YRKKH Huge twists to break Goenka family

Yeh Rishta: Unthinkable turns true for Goenkas… Dadi realizes that someone from the past is knocking the door and wants to enter the family again to break them apart. She recollects her son, who was been ousted from the family years ago because of his evil intentions. The third son of Dadi will be creating a big havoc in Goenka house. It seems that Kartik and Naira are unaware of the mystery person, instigating Akhilesh, but they are certain that someone is behind this conspiracy of breaking the Goenka family and also defaming them while spreading the news of the Goenka family partition. Furthermore, they wish that Akhilesh takes a stand for the family’s respect and answers the society, who are raising questions on them. The family loses the prestige when the rumors spread out.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Meanwhile, Singhanias sympathize with Goenkas over the partition. Naitik assures Manish that he will help him in explaining Akhilesh the strong bond of brotherhood. Naitik tells Manish that Akhilesh is a perfect brother, who got wrongly directed by someone. Manish hides the fact that he has another brother, whom he lost years ago owing to such similar problems. Manish doesn’t disclose anything to Kartik and family. Dadi also conceals the matter for the betterment of family, and wonders if her third son is behind this unfortunate division. Akhilesh falls in his brother’s words, and get against Manish forever. Akhilesh decides to take his share and leave the family so that he can start fresh on his own.

He fails to understand Manish’s real concern and love. Their brother takes advantage of the tensions so that he can take revenge on united Goenkas. Dadi wants Kartik and Naira to fail any coming enemy from breaking the family. She fears that her third son will be shattering the family once again, which she kept united with much difficulty. Dadi’s fears get understood by Manish, who falls helpless in the stucky situation. Manish gears up to face any odd thing, while he has his family to support him. Kartik and Naira try to end Manish and Akhilesh’s differences in the Dandiya night party. They compel the brothers for a dance performance. Akhilesh invites his brother in the party and wants to give a shock to Goenkas. Dadi fears for the unthinkable to turn true.

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