Silsila: Kunal and Nandini to face a shocking storm

Silsila: Kunal and Nandini to face a shocking storm

Silsila: Kunal and Nandini to face a shocking storm…Kunal ends his ties with Mauli. He gives a closure to his marriage with Mauli. He upsets Mauli by venting out all his frustration on his non-working marriage. He decides to take his relationship with Nandini ahead. He plans a romantic date. He asks Nandini to prepare for the dinner date. Nandini gets excited. She decides the saree to wear She wants to look perfect. She prepares for the meet. She gets happy thinking of Kunal. She also makes a special dish for Kunal. She reaches the place for the dinner date. He sets up a romantic ambience on the terrace. He gets a ring to propose Nandini. He wants to marry Nandini. He is sure that Nandini will accept his love proposal. They love each other a lot. Kunal meets Nandini and gives her a gift. They have light moments.

He dances with her and gives her the ring. He wants to get over the past problems. She acts positive and happy. He proposes her for marriage. Nandini wants to accept his proposal. She accepts the ring happily.


Someone switches off the lights for a moment. Nandini gets Rajdeep’s phone call. This upsets her mood. She gets a huge shock. Kunal checks the lights and returns. He asks Nandini her reply to his proposal. Nandini doesn’t answer him, and distracts him to hide the issue. Nandini gets much sad and winds up the romantic date. He senses her tension and asks her the matter. She doesn’t reveal anything. Nandini stays troubled. A storm is going to come in Kunal and Nandini’s life. The problem in their love tale is put up by Rajdeep. Rajdeep informs Nandini about Mauli’s pregnancy and asks him to refuse to Kunal’s proposal. Nandini’s romantic date turns into a nightmare. Nandini decides to leave from Kunal’s life again. Nandini will refuse to Kunal’s love proposal.

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  1. Why serials has to be so much complicated…why just can’t they show some normal story which actually happen in day to day life…which is realistic…why so much drama…i don’t know why makers has to show mouli so weak…no career oriented women will beg to her husband for his love…even if Kunal goes back to mouli marriage won’t be as same as before…once relationship bis broken it will always leave it’s Mark…it will always be a tainted relationship…and the person who will suffer bis their child…and not both of them…pls change the story line…

  2. Please stop this serial bad story .mauli justice to u .kunal u r a monster.nadini how can u do this to ur best friend nadini bitch

  3. Kab bund kwro ge is besharmi begerti nandi ko isko tazeed nanga Ker k kutton k age dall do. Mauli kima sheran walI maa bun is nafin ko tirshol se kuchal de k in jese urton ki humare mashrw me Society me koi jagh nahi. Or kunnal radon pe bheek mange or mauli k apne Beta yabeye k sath boht achi life dikhaen kunnal ka or nandani khat hota ho siskata hoa dikhao ye log gunahgar hen or nandani ki beshatmi to lhatum he nahi rahi ye pyar ka atman he ye urat pe her bunda thook raha he rajdeep or mohalla or society k sare log is pe thooke ultin keren or chaple jote maren Hume to tub bhi sakoon nahi milevga or korh hojae kunnal or nadani ko alag mout k mu me pere hon nandani to bhagwan se maafi mangte mangte merjae. Boht sakht saza dikhao. Mouli ko kunnal kisi or urat se kharab hone ka itna dukh na hota jitna iski best. Jan se ziada bhaRosa kerne wali dost ne kea ye almia he ye bardash nahi. Boht ganda or ghtia show he Allah kere apki Bete mouli ki jagh ho humari budduaen Le rahe hen directer producers poori dunyia ki urton ma behn beti Sub ki ahh Le rahe hen bud kero bund Kero is ghatia show ko samjh nahi a raha Kia


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