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TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

TGI Friday’s Telly Spoilers on Tellyreviews.. Kaleerein: Vivaan gets informed about Meera. He reaches the evil den of Tulika. Tulika gets Meera under control completely. Vivaan reaches there and sees Meera possessed. He asks Meera to come with him. Meera acts mad. She dances on Tulika’s fingers. Tulika asks Meera to stab Vivaan. Meera takes the knife to kill him. She hears some spiritual mannat and gets free of the evil spell. Vivaan faints down. Meera comes to senses and gets worried for Vivaan. Tulika attempts to kill Meera. Meera gets saved. She checks Vivaan and makes him regains consciousness. She tells him that they should rush towards home as soon as possible. They try to get saved from Tulika.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi wants Pragya back in his life. She gets impressed with him seeing how he stopped Tanu from telling King about them in bad way. Pragya thanks Abhi for handling the situation smartly. Abhi tries to tell her how much he loves her, but stops himself. He tells her that he will tell his feelings on the right time. Pragya says even she wants to say something, but will say later. Tanu thinks Abhi is right and if she tells anything to King then the way to Pragya and Abhi’s union will be cleared. Aaliya tells Tanu that King will let Pragya go if he comes to know she likes Abhi. King struggles with his emotions for Pragya and thinks he has no right on her to stop her from going from his life. Tarun and Neha get engaged with everyone’s blessings.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Finally, Vedika and Sahil get married by their mutual decision. There is no family support. They don’t have any celebrations. Sahil proposes Vedika for the marriage. Vedika accepts his proposal just to save Ved. Because of the tensions regarding Ved’s illness, Sahil tells Vedika that they will have a simple wedding in the temple. Sahil and Vedika head to temple and get married. Vedika sheds tears while Sahil fills her hairline. Puneesh reaches there and records their wedding so that he can instigate Bhoomi against them.

Ishqbaaz:Shivay helps out Anika when she needs to go out somewhere for work. She tells him that the driver didn’t turn up and she really needs to go somewhere urgently. Shivay tells her that he can’t see her worried, he will take her wherever she wants. She gets happy to see him changing. Shivay drives the car and takes Anika to the destination. Anika wants him to go outdoors and get rid of his depression. She feels he should come out of his trauma zone. Anika totally supports Shivay.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Aarohi makes a poisonous drink by using the herbs. She has learnt this from the villager. Aarohi impresses Tara and tells her that she is making kada for her. Tara thinks Manpreet is a big fool. She doesn’t doubt on Manpreet. Aarohi prepares the poison for Deep. She makes the antidote for other members in the family. She just wants to kill Deep during the Karwachauth ceremony.

Udaan: Karwachauth Special union for Suraj-Chakor.. Chakor fails to rescue Suraj from Rajeshwari’s clutches. She kidnaps Vikram when he tries to kidnap her. Chakor drags him home. She makes a call to Rajeshwari and swears of killing Vikram if Suraj gets harmed. She asks Rajeshwari to release Suraj if she wants her son back. She tells Rajeshwari that she will use the white saree gifted by her for wrapping him dead Vikram. Chakor expects that her threatening will affect Rajeshwari. She hopes that Rajeshwari leaves Suraj free. Chakor imagines Suraj everywhere. She gets happy when she sees him. She talks to him happily. Suraj tells her that he will never go away from her.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer-Zara to confirm Ruksar’s coma… Ruksar is acting to be in coma. Kabeer and Zara doubt that Ruksar is faking the coma state. They try to check on Ruksar. They try to instigate Ruksar by talking bad things about her. They want Ruksar to get provoked and react. Zara tells Kabeer that Ruksar is certainly doing this drama. She wants to confirm by hurting Ruksar by a needle. Zeenat and nurse come inside the ward. Zara fails to find the truth. Ruksar gets saved. Kabeer starts believing that Ruksar is really in coma. Ruksar controls all her anger over their taunts, just to vent it out at the right time. Kabeer ignites fire to his sherwani sleeve.

Silsila: Nandini gets a big shock knowing about Mauli’s pregnancy. She calls Mauli at the temple to confirm about pregnancy news. She wants to know if this is true. She wonders if Rajdeep is playing a game with them by lying such. Nandini meets Mauli. She questions Mauli if she is really pregnant. Mauli tells that she is pregnant. She asks Nandini if she will leave Kunal after knowing this truth, will she cancel the marriage and return the engagement ring.

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