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Salim and Anarkali confess love for each other. He risks his life to make her admit her love. He promises her that he will make her accept her feelings no matter how much she denies. Anarkali finally gives in when she finds Salim giving up his life. She can’t see Salim dying. Anarkali tells Salim that she loves him a lot. They stop caring for the world and have golden moments of love. Salim and Anarkali’s love story begins. Salim learns that Jodha is upset with him. He meets Jodha and tells her that he has found a reason to stay back in the palace. Jodha gets happy that Salim is forgetting the bitter past. He promises that he will never leave. He hands over a love letter to Anarkali and romances her secretly.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil has married Vedika. Bhoomi and Vedika keep the Karwachauth fast for Sahil. Bhoomi gets Sahil’s love. He breaks her fast. He feeds her the water. Bhoomi gets happy that he has chosen her. Vedika waits for Sahil. She doesn’t know how to break the fast. She breaks the fast by seeing Sahil’s picture. She accepts the situation. She doesn’t want to tell anyone about her fast. Sahil and Vedika have a union.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and Zara spend some romantic moments. Kabeer returns to his room after a long time. Zara decorates the room. Zara recollects the old time. She tells him that when Ruksar comes back from hospital, he will give her divorce. She says you can fix the problems once Ruksar gets fine. She wants Ruksar’s truth to get revealed. Kabeer wants to return to Zara soon. Ruksar fills poison in their lives by adding the third angle in love story.


Zoya refuses to divorce Aditya. Zoya decides to share the problem with Aditya. Zoya refuses to the lady and asks her to return Wasim to her. Zoya puts herself in danger in order to get Wasim back. Zoya and Aditya get together in fighting their new enemy. They pretend to be unhappy and upset with each other, and yet stay together. They stay away from everyone’s sight and spend beautiful moments on the Karwachauth ceremony. Zoya hatches a plan to pretend like a puppet and then strike back at the blackmailer.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Prerna gets in Shivani’s words and wonders if she has really got engaged to Anurag. She realizes that Anurag has made her wear the engagement ring, which was supposed to be done by Navin. She fails to remove the ring. She shares her silly doubt with Anurag. Anurag tells her that he also thinks the same as Shivani, and maybe they have really got engaged. He pulls her leg calling her his fiancee. Navin finds Prerna wearing the ring and asks her if she has herself worn the ring. Navin doubts that Anurag and Prerna’s relation is turning into a love bond. He wants to make Anurag out of his way.

Shivay tells Omkara and Rudra that he feels he should take the company control in his hands again. He becomes the old Shivay once again. He gets dressed up and meets the clients. He wants to get big deals for the company. He wants to keep their personal issues aside. He tells them that he will run the company their way. Shivay tells them that he has kept a board meeting, he will now lead the company and he has to declare to everyone that he is back.


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