Kaleerein: A new trouble for Meera-Vivaan

Kaleerein: Meera and Vivaan to have a huge row

Meera and Vivaan celebrate Karwachauth festive together. Vivaan breaks Meera’s fast. They find chances to have cute romance. Prince helps Tulika complete her fast. Tulika fools him. Tulika is planning against Meera. She adds the poison in water and sweets. Meera and Vivaan get saved from her poison. Tulika gets to drink the poisoned water. Meera is happy for Tulika’s Mehendi ceremony. She applies mehendi to Tulika. Prince and Tulika are getting married. Meera is happy for her brother.

The mehendi burns Tulika’s hand. Tulika tells everyone that Meera has added some acid in the mehendi, due to which her hand is burning. She runs to wash her hands. Meera doesn’t know that Tulika is a Daayan. Meera follows Tulika to apologize. She learns Tulika is a evil Daayan. Tulika possesses Meera and instructs her to do as she tells her. Meera agrees to obey Tulika. Meera lies to the family about Tulika’s behavior. Meera and her family fall in new trouble.


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