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High Five Spoilers: YHM Udaan and more… Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita has made a sacrifice for Raman. Raman wants to stop Ishita from confessing the crime. Ishita tells him that the family needs him. She asks him to go home. Ishita is innocent. She takes all the blames on herself for the sake of Raman. She asks Raman to better get out of the troubles and face Vijendra. She wants Raman to get evidence against Vijendra. Inspector tells Raman that he can’t help Ishita, even though he knows her well. He says Ishita has herself confessed the crime, and now I m helpless. He wants to know the real reason behind Ishita’s confession.

Internet Wala Love:
Aadhya faces a new problem when Jai in drunken state comes to meet her. He falls asleep in her room. She doesn’t want anyone to see her. He wants to tell something to her. She wakes up him and asks him to leave before anyone sees him. They have a cute argument. Aadhya finds him too drunk. He doesn’t listen to her. She wonders how will she take him to his house. She waits for him to leave on his own.

Sir ji makes a new plan. He sends fake police to get Muskaan arrested. He tells the family that Muskaan belongs to a fraud family. Inspector tells Gayatri that Muskaan is a fraud run-away bride who loots her in-laws. Gayatri can’t believe this shocking blame. Ronak defends his wife. Ronak gets another shock when Muskaan gets arrested. Ronak tries to save Muskaan. Ronak challenges him. He promises to get Muskaan home soon. Sir ji plays smart again and takes Ronak’s words lightly. Sir ji wants to fail Ronak and Muskaan. Ronak unites with Muskaan. Ronak gets Muskaan back and fulfills his promise. Ronak shocks Sir ji his smartness.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep doubts on Aarohi aka Manpreet. She goes to Vasundara’s room to get some secrets out. She checks the cupboard. Before she could open the safe, Deep comes in. Aarohi hides from Deep. She fails to spy on the locked safe. Abhimanyu helps her escape. She gets saved from Deep once again.

Suraj and Chakor try to track Vikram. They reach the small village. They want to catch Vikram, Rajeshwari and Bacha Pandey. They don’t get any entry in the village. The police arrives there. Police orders Suraj and Chakor not to break into the village. The police gets a shoot at sight order for them. The police is also working for Vikram. Vikram sends an aide to hurt Chakor. Chakor and the lady have a fight. When Chakor shares her sorrowful story, the girl agrees to help her. Chakor exposes Vikram in front of the village girl. She tells how she is struggling to save her daughter. The girl agrees to hide about their arrival from Vikram.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Finally Sahil-Vedika have a union.. Agarwal family celebrate Diwali. They have a rocking party at home. Sahil performs dance with Bhoomi. Sahil imagines Vedika with him. He wishes his dream was true. Sahil and Vedika will be seen performing on a romantic song. Badi Amma gets careless and leaves the pen drive. Sahil gets the random pen drive and checks the contents. He can’t believe that Badi Amma’s truth when he checks the evidences against her. He realizes that Vedika is innocent, and Badi Amma has done a lot against Vedika.

Jijaji Chath Par Hai:

Pancham gets caught up in Ilaychi’s mischief. He turns into Murari. He takes a similar disguise. He enjoys Murari’s character play. Ilaychi prepares him and wants him to meet the principal as her dad. She tells him that her principal will be coming to the shop to meet her dad. She asks Pancham to manage everything. Pancham asks her why does she always put him in trouble. She calls him selfish. She says you will also need my help some day, you have to help me. Principal meets them at the shop. Pancham gets into Murari’s character. Ilaychi tries to stop Pancham’s overacting. Principal mocks Pancham. He asks Ilaychi to go and study. Ilaychi makes Pancham’s drama a success.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag and Prerna’s marriage dreams… Anurag has tried a lot to expose Navin. His courage breaks down when he fails in his move. The family gets against Anurag. Anurag fails to stop Prerna and Navin’s engagement. Navin and his lover Madhuri come up with a plan to deny their relation. Navin proves that Madhuri is his Bhabhi. Mohini can’t tolerate her family’s insult because of Anurag. She strictly warns Anurag against ruining Navin’s reputation.

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