Muskaan: Ronak fails Sir ji’s vicious plotting

Muskaan Ronak Clever Escape plan next

Sir ji calls Muskaan’s fake family home. He tells Ronak that Muskaan’s family will decide for her. Ronak gets a shock when Muskaan’s fake brothers, actually the goons try to take her with them. They tell Ronak that they won’t accept Muskaan’s love marriage. Sir ji wants the goons to take Muskaan to the brothel. Ronak plays the same move to answer Sir ji. He arranges Muskaan’s fake father. The man stops the goons and tells them that they can’t take Muskaan at gun point. The man plays the drama and tells Muskaan that he has accepted his marriage with Ronak.

Muskaan apologizes to her fake father. She plays the drama on Ronak’s saying. Ronak and Muskaan succeed to fail Sir ji’s plan. The man blesses Muskaan. She tells him that Ronak was sure that he will come to bless them. Gayatri does Muskaan’s Mu-Dikhai. She gives her ancestral jewelry. Sir ji angrily walks out.

Gayatri tells her that Sir ji will soon accept her as family’s Bahu and pride. She says very soon the family will accept you, until then she will love Muskaan. Muskaan feels happy to get Gayatri’s love. Sir ji wants Muskaan to leave from the house. Ronak is always a step ahead of Sir ji.

Sir ji makes a new plan. He sends fake police to get Muskaan arrested. He tells the family that Muskaan belongs to a fraud family. Inspector tells Gayatri that Muskaan is a fraud run-away bride who loots her in-laws. Gayatri can’t believe this shocking blame. Ronak defends his wife. Ronak gets another shock when Muskaan gets arrested. Ronak tries to save Muskaan. Ronak challenges him. He promises to get Muskaan home soon. Sir ji plays smart again and takes Ronak’s words lightly. Sir ji wants to fail Ronak and Muskaan. Ronak unites with Muskaan. Ronak gets Muskaan back and fulfills his promise. Ronak shocks Sir ji his smartness.

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