High Points in Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya

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Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu gets upset with Abhi seeing his romance with Pragya. She confronts him for romancing with Pragya and gifting ring to her. Abhi tries to ignore her. Tanu tells him that much ego is not good. She adds, you don’t want me to keep fast for you, you want someone else/Pragya to fast for you, but she has kept fast for someone else. Abhi gets upset knowing about Pragya and King.

Tanu determines to ruin Pragya and not to let her return in Abhi’s life. King sees Abhi tensed and asks Abhi why is he looking tensed. Abhi admits that he is in much tension, since he is surrounded by problems. He indirectly taunts King. King like a good friend offers him help. King asks Abhi to share the matter, and maybe he can help him out. He asks if there is any problem? King finds Abhi confusing and impulsive. King respects Abhi and believes in his goodness, but Abhi calls him the problem. King is surprised.

Abhi stays upset because of Pragya and King’s relationship news. He goes on to ask Pragya if she has kept the fast for King. Pragya hasn’t kept any fast for King, and wants to inform Abhi. Pragya keeps the Karwachauth fast for Abhi. There will be Karwachauth Celebrations in Mehra house, where Pragya and King will be invited. Abhi wants to see the truth of Pragya and King’s relation.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan and Preeta come closer in the party. They realize the change in themselves. Karan thinks what happened to him that he is praising Preeta and not fighting with her. Prithvi tells Rishabh about Sherlyn unknowingly. Rishabh feels odd that Prithvi is so worried for Sherlyn. Karan senses Prithvi’s concern for Sherlyn. Preeta comes to the hospital to see Sherlyn after learnt that Sherlyn gained consciousness. The Nurse informs her that she is shifted to the ward. Preeta thinks Sherlyn will be exposed and her truth will be out.

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