Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi attempts to reach truth

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi attempts to reach truth

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi attempts to reach truth.. Sikandar and Tevar defend Kulfi. Tevar tells them that Kulfi is innocent. He feels Amyra has done this. Principal refuses to give admission to Kulfi. She catches Kulfi cheating. She reprimands Kulfi and Tevar. She tells them that its her final decision, she can’t give admission to Kulfi. Kulfi apologizes to her. She begs for the admission. Principal doesn’t want to help any liars. Lovely seeks help from Mohendar.

She asks him to call Sikandar home. She wants him to leave with Gunjan, else things may get spoiled. She argues with him. She is ready to do anything for Sikandar and Amyra’s bonding. She vents anger on him. Amyra informs Lovely that Kulfi won’t study in her school now. Lovely gets excited. Sikandar calms down angered Tevar. He asks him not to talk to principal rudely.

Kulfi isn’t aware of Lovely and Amyra’s plan. Tevar suspects Amyra. He gets angry that his daughter is sad because of someone’s mistake. Kulfi tells Amyra that she has done a mistake and failed everyone’s hard work. Amyra tells Kulfi that she should think of Tevar, not Sikandar. Kulfi wants to get admission at any cost, so that she can go to Chirauli to meet her uncle. She requests the principal to rethink in her decision. Kulfi sings out sorrowfully. Sikandar and Tevar find Kulfi singing.

They get emotional hearing her emotional song. Principal finally gets influenced on hearing her emotional song. Kulfi requests the authorities for another chance. Principal agrees to give her a final chance.

Kulfi goes for her re-test, while everyone wish her all the best. Sikandar gets nervous for Kulfi’s test. Tevar thinks Amyra will get also upset if Kulfi fails. He falls in Amyra’s planning. Kulfi passes the test. She breaks the good news to them that she passed the test. Principal tells them that she was wrong about Kulfi, she is really smart and sweet. Tevar apologizes to her for the rude talk. Sikandar and Tevar get happy for Kulfi’s admission. Amyra gets worried because of this. Amyra doesn’t want Kulfi to snatch Sikandar. Kulfi asks Tevar to take her to Chirauli. Sikandar wants to stop Kulfi. Kulfi rushes to meet her uncle.

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