Ishqbaaz Diwali surprise: Oberois to turn united once again

Ishqbaaz presents special brotherly bond yet again

Ishqbaaz Diwali surprise: Oberois to turn united once again… Shivay and Anika’s romance will be seen once again. The couple celebrates their happy moments while doing the preparations for Diwali party. Anika fixes the garlands, while seeking help from Shivay. He asks her to let the servants do the work. Anika tells him that she is Bahu of the house and needs to check everything well. She wants everything to be perfect. Shivay helps her in tying the garlands. They both get stuck in the tangled garlands. Anika feels happy to have a moment with Shivay. Shivay wants to make Anika away. He asks Twinkle for sweets. He diverts Anika and goes away.

Furthermore, Shivay gets the news of Rudra’s kidnapping. Rudra falls in trouble. The goons tie up Rudra in some warehouse. Shivay searches for Rudra. He becomes the angry young SSO again. He reaches the cafe and questions the goon about Rudra.

Ishqbaaz Diwali surprise: Oberois to turn united once again

He threatens to kill him if anything happens to Rudra. Shivay tells him that he will drag him to police. The goon jokes on him. He tells everyone that Shivay got released from jail some time back and now he is threatening them of police. He insults Shivay.

Shivay scolds the goon for cheating decent people and dragging them into this mess. The goon asks him to give money if he wants Rudra. He makes his demands. Shivay says you show shortcuts of earning money to mislead people. He scolds the goon for ruining families. The goon asks him not to give him any Gyaan. Shivay refuses to give him money. The goon says then assume Rudra dead.

Shivay beats him. He tells him that he can kill anyone, if he can kill a family member for the sake of his family. He gets threatening the goons and get information about Rudra’s whereabouts. Shivay follows the clues and reaches the warehouse. He finds Rudra tied up and cries for him. Shivay frees Rudra and wakes him up. Rudra finds a protective elder brother in Shivay again.

Ishqbaaz Diwali surprise: Oberois to turn united once again

Shivay rescues Rudra from the gambling goons. He gets Rudra home. Rudra’s return brings happiness in the family. Dadi feels Shivay has done a big thing to get Rudra home. Dadi forgives Shivay for the past mistake. Shivay feels overjoyed with Dadi’s forgiveness. He didn’t expect Dadi to melt her heart so soon.

Shivay tells Dadi that this is the best Diwali gift for him. Omkara also melts his anger towards Shivay. Shivay unites the two temples in the house. Shivay gets happy that family partition ended. He wipes off the partition completely. The Oberois perform the Diwali puja together as one united family. Finally, Dadi blesses Shivay. Rudra hugs Shivay and apologizes to him. Shivay hopes that everything goes fine. Roop doesn’t want Oberoi brothers to unite again. What will Roop do to break them apart now? Keep reading.

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