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Udaan: Chakor takes a villager’s disguise. She wants to save the kids from Vikram. She knows Vikram will sell the kids. Rajjo supports Chakor. She tells Chakor about her sister Chandrika. She asks Chakor to act as Chandrika, since nobody has seen Chandrika till now. Chakor doesn’t want Vikram to know her identity. She informs police about Vikram, Rajeshwari and Bacha Pandey’s hideout in Dharampura village. Chakor wants to enter the village some how and gather evidences. Suraj is with Anjor to take care of her. Suraj is hopeful that Anjor will recover with the medicines given by Aarohi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Simmi understands Ishita’s sacrifice for Raman again, but Kaushalya thinks otherwise. The marriage gets a twist when Kaushalya refuses for Rohan-Aaliya and Karan-Ruhi’s marriage. She tells Ishita that she is breaking both the alliances right away. Kaushalya scolds Ishita for covering up the matter, and suspects that Raman is really a criminal. Ishita stops her and tells her that she can’t take a big decision like this. She tells Kaushalya that someone was trapping Raman, now when the police has caught up the real culprit, she got released from jail. Romi and Raman make Rohan and Karan wear Sehra.

Internet Wala Love:

Jai is happy that Aadhya and Samrat’s marriage is finally called off. Jai jokes on the happenings. He talks to Rajat. Jai’s friends ask him to realize his love for Aadhya. Jai messages Aadhya. He asks her to follow her heart. He helps her end the dilemma. Jai wants Aadhya to find her real happiness. Aadhya cries and stays big time puzzled. Jai gets a shocking message, that Samrat has attempted suicide. Samrat cuts his wrist to get Aadhya’s attention again. He gains sympathy for Aadhya and his own family. Aadhya worries for Samrat. Jai rushes Samrat to the hospital. He gets Samrat treated. Samrat plays this drama to clean his image in everyone’s sight.

Muskaan falls in new trouble when Sir ji gets her arrested. Ronak saves Muskaan by taking help of media. He gets Muskaan home and shocks Sir ji. He tells Sir ji that he will always protect Muskaan, and its not easy to defeat him. Ronak and Sir ji’s tom and jerry games continue. Muskaan supports Ronak for his good intentions.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:

Guddan loses her bahus in the gambling. Akshat steps in to save the bahus. Guddan gets imagining a Mahabharat scene, where she has lost her bahus to the evil people. Everyone will be seen as Mahabharat’s characters. She gets this nightmare. She doesn’t want others to trouble her bahus. Guddan’s nightmare brings hilarious moments. Guddan wants to sell herself and makes the last bet. She doesn’t want the family to get troubled. Guddan goes missing. Dadi and Akshat learn that Guddan is missing.

Guddan manages to call Akshat and tells him that she is caged in some big box, she has no idea about her location. Akshat assures Dadi that he will find Guddan. Durga asks Dadi not to be sad and celebrate Diwali. She is angry on Guddan for losing them in gambling. Durga sells Guddan to the junk buyer. She doesn’t make any weak plan. She is sure that her name won’t be known if Guddan comes back home. Durga takes revenge on Guddan.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: A new beginning for Sahil-Vedika.. Sahil and Vedika move out of Agarwal family. They come to Vedika’s old house, which Sahil had owned before. Sahil tells Vedika that they will live happily and in peace in their own house. He asks Vedika to manage her family now. Sahil puts Sahil and Vedika’s nameplate outside. He happily makes an entry inside the house, holding Vedika’s hand. Sahil celebrates Diwali with Vedika. He gets sindoor to fill her hairline. Vedika gets emotional.


There is big drama in Soumya’s haldi ceremony. Harman reaches Sameer’s house and stops Soumya’s haldi. He wants to take her along. Soumya stops Harman. Sameer also loves Soumya a lot. He hits on Harman’s head to get him in control. Sameer takes Soumya inside the house. He doesn’t want Harman to snatch Soumya from him.

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