Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Time for Kulfi and Sikandar union

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala voices out her suppressed pain

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi and Sikandar’s union… Kulfi comes to meet Sikandar. She realizes that whatever Sikandar has done is for her good. She tells him that Sattu has told her that her father isn’t a right man. Even Sattu asked her to accept Tevar as her dad. She apologizes to Sikandar. She patches up with Sikandar. She forgives him for the lie. She understands that he is her well wisher. Sikandar doesn’t know that Kulfi is his daughter. He gets happy that Kulfi has forgiven him. He speaks ill about her real father, unknowingly that he is cursing himself. He asks Kulfi to accept Tevar as her dad. He doesn’t want Kulfi to break Tevar’s heart.

He tells her that Tevar is a gem at heart. He also promises to love her, as he loves Amyra. Kulfi trusts Sikandar. She gets all her answers. She tells him that now she will not find her father from now on. She promises to find happiness with Sikandar and Tevar.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Time for Kulfi and Sikandar union

She tells him that she is lucky to get two father figures, she doesn’t need her real father now. She doesn’t want to get away from Sikandar and Tevar. Sikandar calls her very sensible. Amyra gets upset with Sikandar and Kulfi’s union. Lovely doesn’t want Kulfi to return in family again. Destiny brings Kulfi back. Sikandar and Kulfi unite happily again.

Furthermore, Chadda celebrates Diwali with Lovely’s family. Sikandar and Lovely throw a Diwali party and invite everyone. Chadda assures Lovely that he will make Tevar out of their lives. He plays a trick. He asks Tevar to play cards with them. He tries to ruin Tevar by failing him in poker. He wants Tevar to leave from Lovely’s happy family. Tevar bonds with Kulfi, Sikandar and Amyra well. Tevar doesn’t know Chadda’s plans. Lovely gets happy seeing Tevar and Amyra’s bonding for a minute. She then realizes that Tevar will ruin her family happiness.

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