Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely comes up with an evil ploy


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely comes up with an evil ploy… Kulfi tells Sikandar that he has got the God on her side as well. She tells him that Tevar tried to find her uncle, but didn’t get him. Kulfi misses to meet Sattu. Tevar tells Kulfi that Sattu will call her when he comes. Kulfi tells Sikandar that she isn’t able to find her real father. Meanwhile, Sattu decides to meet Kulfi. He wants to tell her about Sikandar, who is her real father. He wants to leave the big decision on her. Nihalo has no idea that Sattu has already gone to Mumbai to break the truth. She also reaches the city. She doesn’t want Sattu to make any mistake again. Sikandar cheers up Kulfi.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely comes up with an evil ploy

He tells her that she has brought joy in everyone’s life. He tells her that she shouldn’t know about her real father until she grows up. He feels guilty for lying to her. He asks her to make her father realize his mistake by becoming successful. He wants Kulfi to celebrate Diwali with them. He asks her to start a new life. Kulfi agrees to him. She promises that she will study and make them proud. He tells her that he will never let her fall, he will support her like a father. She forgives him. She has just complaints with her destiny. She believes that truth will come out one day. He tells her that he has belief in her. He wishes that she stays happy. Nihalo has already taken money from Cutie.

Tevar comes to take Kulfi home. Amyra gets upset that Kulfi is with Sikandar again. Kulfi tells them that she couldn’t meet her uncle, but enjoyed a lot with her villagers. Lovely realizes that Kulfi didn’t learn the truth.


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely comes up with an evil ploy

Amyra gifts Kulfi for Diwali. Kulfi likes the dress. Lovely fools Tevar once again. She acts good towards Tevar. She also warns him about the big surprise she planned for him. Tevar gets cautious. Sattu doesn’t want Nihalo to follow him. Nihalo turns greedy again. Lovely stops Sikandar from dropping Kulfi to school. She tells him that she will drop the girls to school. Tevar finds something fishy.

Bebe blesses Kulfi for her school’s first day. Amyra gets jealous seeing Kulfi pampered by everyone. Tevar wants to protect Kulfi from unknown dangers. Sikandar wants Amyra to look after Kulfi in the school. Amyra gets an idea to put Kulfi in trouble.

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