Silsila New Twist: Mauli and Kunal’s shocking meet

Silsila Upcoming Mishti puts Mauli in a big fix

Silsila New Twist: Mauli and Kunal’s shocking meet… Silsila has taken a six year leap. Pari’s habits remind Mauli about Nandini. Mauli doesn’t know that Pari is Nandini’s daughter. Pari shows tantrums and dislikes Indian food. Mauli gets surprised hearing her demands. She tries to make something unusual. She makes kheer especially for Pari. Pari enjoys the kheer like Nandini used to have. Mauli hugs Pari and asks her to have it as much as she wants.

Mauli doesn’t want to upset Pari. She cares for Mishti and Pari equally. Mauli misses Nandini for a while. She then doesn’t want to slip into old memories. Mauli gets upset. Yamini asks her if she is thinking about Kunal and Nandini. Mauli is strongly raising Mishti as a single mother. She doesn’t want to recollect Kunal. She knows that Kunal didn’t believe her pregnancy.

Also, he left her to deal with all the problems alone in life. Mauli tells Yamini that she will never miss Kunal. Furthermore, she feels Kunal doesn’t deserve her. That is why, their relationship turned sour.

Silsila New Twist: Mauli and Kunal’s shocking meet

Mauli is happy to live alone with her daughter. She has the family to support her. Even Ishaan is a big support to Mauli. Ishaan wants to restore Mauli’s happiness. Mauli assures Yamini that she will never look back at her past. Meanwhile, Kunal reaches the school to pick Pari. He learns that Pari is already gone with someone else. He gets panicking. He searching for Pari.

He scolds the security guard. The guard gives him Mauli’s contact number to know about Pari. He tells Kunal about Mauli and Ishaan, who picked their daughter and Pari along. Mauli loves Pari as her own daughter. Pari tells Mauli that her mum is no more, her dad raises her alone. Mauli feels bad for Pari. Ishaan proposes Mauli for marriage. Mauli and Kunal will have a hit and miss. Will Mauli accept Ishaan’s proposal? How will Mauli react on meeting Kunal after six years? Keep reading.

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