TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming On Star Plus

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TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming On Star Plus… Jiji Maa:Uttara finds Falguni cheating her once again. She gets angry knowing Falguni and Suyash are still together. She wants to teach Falguni a lesson. She learns that Karma, Vidhaan and Niyati are also supporting Falguni. She makes an evil plan to kill Falguni. Falguni and Niyati prepare for Diwali festival. Falguni does the decorations. She gets a current shock and falls down the ladder. Niyati gets worried for her life. Suyash comes in time and rescues Falguni. Uttara’s plan fails. Suyash and Falguni get more closer.

Ishqbaaz: Shivika romance and lots of family drama lined… Shivay loves Dadi a lot. He asks Dadi to decide for the family by following her heart. Dadi wants to keep the wish of her Bahus. She tells Shivay that she wants the entire family to celebrate Diwali together. Shivay requests Rudra to keep aside his differences and ego for a while. Omkara agrees to join back Shivay. This shocks Rudra. Omkara asks Rudra to forgive Shivay. Shivay wants to restore the family’s lost happiness and peace.

Yeh Rishta Kya: Dadi and Samarth’s huge confrontation… Akhilesh gets much hurt when he finds the bond with Kartik. Manish asks him to just rush to the consultant and argue later. Kartik disappoints Manish. Suwarna tells Manish that this isn’t right. Manish turns upset that Akhilesh is losing trust and hopes on them. Suwarna feels Akhilesh is judging everyone wrong. Kartik wants to know how did the papers come inside their room. Naira tells him that its surely Samarth, who is a stranger to them. Naksh stays worried for Naira. He wants to know updates about her health.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely comes up with an evil ploy… Kulfi tells Sikandar that he has got the God on her side as well. She tells him that Tevar tried to find her uncle, but didn’t get him. Kulfi misses to meet Sattu. Tevar tells Kulfi that Sattu will call her when he comes. Kulfi tells Sikandar that she isn’t able to find her real father. Meanwhile, Sattu decides to meet Kulfi. He wants to tell her about Sikandar, who is her real father. He wants to leave the big decision on her. Nihalo has no idea that Sattu has already gone to Mumbai to break the truth. She also reaches the city. She doesn’t want Sattu to make any mistake again. Sikandar cheers up Kulfi.

YHM: Shagun senses the upcoming troubles.. Kaushalya questions Bhallas about Ishita and Raman’s absence. The family assumes that IshRa are romancing. Shagun doesn’t think the same. She calls up Raman to know the truth. Raman hides the truth from Shagun. He tells her that he is staying at the hotel with Ishita to sort out their differences, so that they can do their daughters’ farewell well. Shagun believes him. Raman keeps the family in the dark. He doesn’t tell about Ishita’s arrest. Meanwhile, Sudha tells Raman that Vijendra is her brother. She was worried that Raman was found an investor. She is glad that Vijendra is the investor.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Fawad is dealing with his trauma. He was sent to juvenile jail for the charges of murder. He wants to change his image by his success. He wants to cover Majaaz’s story and reveal the truth so that his hard work pays off. Mariam always comes in my way. His plan to reach Majaaz fails because of Mariam. Fawad doesn’t want to lose so soon. He gets into an argument with Mariam. Mariam learns about his stay in juvenile remand home. Mariam blurts our anger on him and tags him as a criminal. Fawad gets deeply hurt. He considers Manjeet as his enemy.

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