Yeh Rishta Kya: Dadi and Samarth’s huge confrontation

YRKKH: Samarth's secret past revenge revealed

Yeh Rishta Kya: Dadi and Samarth’s huge confrontation… Akhilesh gets much hurt when he finds the bond with Kartik. Manish asks him to just rush to the consultant and argue later. Kartik disappoints Manish. Suwarna tells Manish that this isn’t right. Manish turns upset that Akhilesh is losing trust and hopes on them. Suwarna feels Akhilesh is judging everyone wrong. Kartik wants to know how did the papers come inside their room. Naira tells him that its surely Samarth, who is a stranger to them. Naksh stays worried for Naira. He wants to know updates about her health.

Kirti points out to him. She asks him to not interfere in Kartik and Naira’s life. She tells him that spying on someone else isn’t good. Meanwhile, Samarth meets Dadi and asks her to talk to him.

Yeh Rishta Kya: Dadi and Samarth’s huge confrontation

He asks her why is she avoiding him. He asks Dadi what wrong did he do. Dadi admits that it was her fault in the past. Dadi feels she has done wrong to not call him back. Samarth tells her that he deserved her love, as he is also her son. Dadi makes an apology to Samarth. He asks her to just talk out and break the walls. He tells her that he has got a chance to come back home.

Kartik and Naira keep a watch on Samarth. They find him weird. They want to find evidence against him. Furthermore, Devyaani worries for Bhabhimaa. Naitik tells the elders that Kartik and Naira won’t suffer, they will keep the family united. He has big hopes on Kartik. Kartik questions Manish over hiding the past from him. He wants to know the past so that he can help them. He asks Manish to share things and tell about Samarth. Naksh worries for Naira that she has missed the medicines. Kirti asks Naksh to remember his responsibility than being after Kartik. Naksh tells her that he has not missing any responsibility. She feels sorry to doubt on him. He asks her to better go alone. He turns upset.

Yeh Rishta Kya: Dadi and Samarth’s huge confrontation

Samarth wants to ruin Akhilesh. He doesn’t want money, but just revenge. Naira looks for the bonds. Samarth leaves from Goenka house. Naira gets saved from him. Kirti looks tensed. She shares her problems with Devyaani. Naksh gets angry when Kirti lets him down in front of the family. They have an argument. Kirti doesn’t want anyone to misunderstand Naksh. She wishes he understands her. Kartik and Naira try to follow Samarth. Naira informs Kartik about Samarth’s intentions.

Moreover, Samarth shows up his emotional side. He is much hurt within. He remembers Dadi’s teachings. He wants to fight back and snatch his rights back. He wants them to pay for their mistakes. Naira secretly prepares for her Karwachauth fast. She hides the fact from Kartik. She confuses him. Kartik thinks of consulting the doctor for her. She feels sorry to lie to him.

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