Bepannaah: OMG Aditya-Zoya’s hatred drama exposed

Bepannaah: OMG Aditya-Zoya's hatred drama exposed

Bepannaah: OMG Aditya-Zoya’s hatred drama exposed… Anjana and Zoya’s issues get on increasing. Zoya stays in her own zone. She carries the drama ahead. Aditya gets bowled over by Zoya’s charm. Adiya’s cute moments go on. Zoya tells him that she is finding about Rajveer’s Nani. Aditya and his family reach for the Diwali party. Aditya intentionally spoils his clothes, so that he gets a chance to return to him. Rajveer’s Nani learns the news about Aditya’s wife and family’s fights.

She realizes that her plan is working. She receives wrong information about Hooda family. Nani gets a misunderstanding. Arjun and Noor’s love story begins in the Diwali party. Anjana and Wasim’s hatred goes on. Anjana hates Zoya’s family. Wasim has same intentions towards Hooda family.

Rajveer’s Nani barges into Hooda house, while Zoya isn’t aware of him. Zoya tries to continue her findings about Rajveer’s background. Nani gets spying inside the house. Aditya and Zoya get romancing, while Nani isn’t aware of their presence. Nani then gets alert when the power cut happens.


Bepannaah: OMG Aditya-Zoya’s hatred drama exposed

Nani tries to know what’s happening inside the house when just Zoya is left there. Zoya gets a happy surprise when Aditya comes home with a bottle of champagne and roses. Aditya also gets stunningly charming. Aditya shows off his style to Zoya. Zoya and Aditya compliment each other. They get teasing each other while having few romantic moments. Aditya tells Zoya that he got a golden chance to romance his wife, when his family is away. He doesn’t know that Rajveer’s Nani has entered the house and is watching them. Nani learns about Aditya and Zoya’s unity, togetherness, and love.

Nani gets angered when Zoya was back stabbing her by playing this drama of hating Aditya. Nani watches their live romance. Soon, Aditya and Zoya feel Nani’s presence in their room. They receive a huge shock. Nani tauntingly asks them to continue their romance. Aditya and Zoya get caught red-handed. How will Rajveer’s Nani strike them next? Keep reading.

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