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High Five Spoilers Udaan:
Chakor and Rajjo perform in the Diwali party. They try to stop Vikram from reaching the godown, so that Suraj fulfills his work of getting the antidote. Suraj and Chakor want to get the antidote to save Anjor’s life. Suraj succeeds in getting the medicine in time. He swaps the drugs so that Vikram himself harms Bacha Pandey. They don’t want Vikram to ruin more lives for his evil business. Vikram misses to see Suraj and Chakor. He takes the wrong drugs along. Bacha Pandey dies while struggling with the poison.

Internet Wala Love:

Jai plays a suicide drama. He wants to explain Aadhya that she can’t believe Samrat and marry him. He tells her that Samrat isn’t a nice guy. He threatens of risking his life. Aadhya gets worried for him. Jai asks her to break the marriage. Aadhya stops him from his madness. Jai and Aadhya go to the office for their radio show. They have a cute argument while going on air.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Guddan is blamed for harming Siddhi. Durga comes up with a new plan to accuse Guddan. Someone attempts to kill Siddhi. Everyone doubts Guddan because of her presence at the spot that time. Durga tells Dadi that Guddan is behind the attack. Guddan is innocent. Akshat wants to know the truth. Parv has made Guddan the target. He has harmed Siddhi and tries to kill her. He then frames Guddan in the act. Guddan will be proving Parv’s crime. Siddhi gets conscious. The family rushes to know about the culprit.

They have many questions and want the answers. Parv gets tensed when the family calls him inside the ward. He hopes his truth doesn’t come out. Parv shouts on Guddan and asks her not to say a word. He asks Guddan to stop acting innocent. Guddan tells Akshat that she didn’t do anything. Parv tells them that Guddan has turned Siddhi into a lifeless being. Siddhi slips in coma. She can’t react or say the truth. Parv takes advantage of the situation. He convinces everyone that Guddan is behind the misfortune.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Anurag and Prerna hide from the thieves and try to save the idol. They don’t want the family to fall under any risk. Mohini wants Anurag and Prerna’s safety first. Mohini gets at gunpoint. The families get helpless. They lose their jewelry. The thieves don’t even spare the idol. Anurag teaches a lesson to the thieves. Anurag keeps Prerna away from Navin. He swears that he won’t let Prerna marry Navin. He is ready to do anything for this aim. He is also willing to marry Prerna in order to protect her life.

Jiji Maa:
Uttara calls the cops home. She tells them that Karma has attempted to kill her. She accuses Karma. She asks inspector to arrest Karma and take him away. She tells them that Karma has kidnapped Piyali. Falguni gets a shocking call from Karma. He asks her to kill Uttara if she wants Piyali back. Falguni knows that Uttara is behind all the conspiracy. Uttara goes to the police station and gets protection from her enemies. Suyash is sure that Falguni will not come in Karma’s words to kill Uttara. He tells Uttara that none in the family can harm her. Uttara wants to prove that Piyali is more important to her. She asks Suyash to oust Falguni from the house. Suyash doesn’t agree to her.

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Another love triangle begins… Abhimanyu falls in love with Aarohi. He is supporting her in taking revenge on Deep and Tara. He finds Aarohi a nice girl. He respects her feelings. He feels he hasn’t seen such a determined and bold girl before. Abhimanyu helps Aarohi while she comes home secretly. Aarohi refuses to take his help. Abhimanyu tells her that he will always help her even if she doesn’t want. He can’t see her in trouble. She stays focused on her goals.

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