Ishqbaaz Anika cleverly fails Shivay’s stubborn move

Ishqbaaz Anika cleverly fails Shivay's stubborn move

Ishqbaaz Anika cleverly fails Shivay’s stubborn move… Anika tells the family about an old tradition. She asks them to write their hearty wishes on the chinese lanterns and fly it in the sky so that their wishes turn true. Dadi writes her wish on the lantern and then makes her grandsons fly it. The family gets into an emotional moment of togetherness again. Anika wishes Shivay always stays smiling when he is with her. Roop doesn’t like their smiling faces. She wants to separate everyone once again so that their happiness shatters. Shivay gets into a happy mood. He decides to cook food for everyone. He feels everyone will dine together since the family got together after Diwali. Rudra asks Shivay to make pancakes for him.

Omkara and Rudra try to become the old loving brothers again. Rudra leaves his hatred. He tries to cheer up Shivay and make up for his mistakes. He gives his responsibility to Shivay again. Shivay gets emotionally happy. Dadi and Nani get happy with Shivay uniting the family like never before. Roop doesn’t get pleased seeing them. She wishes to play a trick to break them apart. Shivay confronts Anika for compelling him to accept the marriage. Anika gets fed up of the drama. He tells her that he will call the press conference and announce his marriage with Twinkle. He wants to end ties with Anika.

She asks him to go ahead and declare the marriage news. Shivay shares the matter with Twinkle. She doesn’t want her name to get associated in the fake news. Anika takes Twinkle to influence her. Shivay loses to Anika once again. Rudra gets upset seeing Tej’s picture.

Roop tries to instigate Rudra and reminds him that Shivay has killed Tej. Rudra feels Shivay has risked his own life to save him. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone again. Rudra asks Roop not to spoil everything in the family. He requests her to forget everything. Roop doesn’t want to forget anything. She is determined to break the family.

Shivay calls the press conference and urges Twinkle to support him. Twinkle doesn’t listen to him. She runs away. Shivay gets speechless when media questions him about Twinkle. Anika tells the media that Shivay wants to make an apology to her. Shivay gets compelled to say the truth that he cares for Anika. Shivay’s plan fails once again. Twinkle meets her lover. She doesn’t want Shivay to see him. Anika calls him home so that she can fail Shivay’s plan. Shivay makes it clear that he doesn’t want Anika in his life. Anika accepts his decision and decides to leave from his life.

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