Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Panicking moment for Tevar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Panicking moment for Tevar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Panicking moment for Tevar… Tevar tries hard to sing and earn money. He wants to arrange good funds for raising Kulfi. He sings the song. He faces much trouble at the recording. The director scolds him for not giving his best. Tevar delivers his best talents, but the director doesn’t acknowledge it. Tevar faces the humiliation. He gets an urgent call. He wants to go and pick Kulfi from school. The director doesn’t allow him to attend his problems. He commands Tevar not to leave the recording midway. Tevar gets into a fight with the director when he can’t take it anymore. On the other hand, Amyra shares her day’s tales with Sikandar.

He is more interested in knowing about Kulfi. Amyra tells him how Kulfi got punished. He tells her that she should help Kulfi settle in the school. Tevar calls up Sikandar and tells him that Lovely picked up Amyra, and left Kulfi alone. Sikandar feels Lovely can’t do this intentionally.

Tevar tells Sikandar that he has to rush for his work. He shares his problems with Sikandar. He tells him that he needs to be with Kulfi and take care of her. Sikandar asks him to pay attention to his work. Tevar gets thankful to him. Lovely finds a chance to make Amyra against Kulfi again. Tevar drops Kulfi home and promises to return home soon. He feels sorry to neglect her. Kulfi asks Tevar the problem. She encourages him and asks him not to worry. She tells him that he can do everything. Lovely takes care of Amyra. Lovely wants Amyra to oppose Kulfi. Sikandar reaches Kulfi and apologizes to her on Lovely’s behalf. He asks her about the problem she faced in the school. Kulfi shares her problems, while Amyra gets jealous. Sikandar gets shocked to know that Amyra didn’t help her.

Kulfi tells Sikandar that she wants to study and fulfill her mum’s dreams. Amyra snatches Kulfi’s books to stop her from studying hard and making a name. The books catch fire unknowingly. Kulfi gets a shock seeing the books burning. He tries to save her books. Sikandar stops Kulfi from burning her hands. They together blow off the fire. Kulfi sheds tears that she lost her books.

Sikandar cries for Kulfi’s wounds. The pain brings them together again. Sikandar wants to protect her from all problems, but it happens otherwise. Tevar loses everything when his account gets seized. Chadda ruins Tevar. Tevar doesn’t understand why is he facing the doom all of a sudden. Tevar gets panicking. Sikandar takes care of Kulfi’s wound. Kulfi hugs him and sheds tears. They don’t know about Tevar’s problems. Amyra regrets for Kulfi’s burns. Lovely guides Amyra towards the wrong direction.

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