Silsila: Mauli discloses her shocking decision

Silsila Kunal memory loss twist to shock Mauli

Silsila: Mauli discloses her shocking decision… Mauli stays tensed since she met Kunal. She never wished to move on in life. Mauli was certain that she can easily forget Kunal and spend life with the family. She didn’t imagine that she will marry someone else. After Kunal’s coming, Mauli decides that she will marry Ishaan. She feels her pain will be seen to everyone. She doesn’t want anyone to know the truth. Mauli is living with the family and her best friend Ishaan. She didn’t accept Ishaan heartily before. She feels Kunal is happy in his own world. She feels loneliness. She is guilty that she didn’t let Mishti get her father’s love.

She knows Ishaan is very supportive and loves Mishti like a father. She thinks of respecting Ishaan’s feelings when Kunal’s return instigates her. Mauli doesn’t know if her decision to marry Ishaan is right. Mauli tells Ishaan that she is ready to marry him. She accepts his proposal. Ishaan happily dances and shares the good news with Radhika and Dida. The family supports Mauli and Ishaan’s marriage.

Silsila track: Mauli discloses her shocking decision

Mauli cries and hides her tears. Radhika sees her pain and asks her to be double sure before involving Ishaan in their lives by making a new bond. She is happy that Mauli is moving on. She fears that Mauli is taking an impulsive decision. She tries to talk out to Mauli about the sudden development. Mauli is agreeing to Ishaan’s proposal just because of Kunal. She gets happy for the family’s happiness. Mauli reasons out to Radhika that she has taken the decision for herself and Mishti, who also has a right to stay happy and get father’s love. She is sure that Ishaan will always love Mishti as his own daughter.

Ishaan thanks Mauli for showing so much faith in him. He promises to keep Mauli and Mishti happy. He tells Radhika and Dida that Mauli will always be part of their family, he won’t take Mauli away. Radhika knows Ishaan is a really nice man. Mauli feels she has been unfair with Mishti by being a single parent. Ishaan doesn’t know about Mauli and Kunal’s past. He isn’t aware that Pari’s father is Mauli’s ex-husband.

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