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TR’s Quick Reads on Telly Reviews….Muskaan:
Sapna visits Muskaan’s in-laws. She likes the lavish house of Sir ji. She tells Muskaan that this is really a dream come true. She wishes to be in Muskaan’s place. Sapna tells everyone about herself. She bonds with the family. Gayatri welcomes Muskaan’s sister heartily. She doesn’t know that Sapna is also a dancer like Muskaan. Muskaan hides the brothel truth from Gayatri. She doesn’t want her trust to get ruined. Sapna threatens Muskaan. Sir ji has planned Sapna’s entry so weaken Muskaan. Muskaan and Ronak get alert of Sapna.

Perfect Pati:
Vidhita learns Pushkar’s truth. She angrily leaves him on their first night. She is much upset that Pushkar has cheated her once again. Vidhita can’t imagine that he has fooled her so much. Pushkar worries when she leaves from the hotel. Pushkar tries to stop her. He asks her to hear his clarification once and then decide. Vidhita tells him that she can’t trust him now.

Pari misses Nandini after seeing Mauli’s love for Mishti. Pari wants to know why did Nandini leave them suddenly. Kunal tells her that her mum has gone to live with the moon. Pari asks him why did he not tell him before. Kunal makes stories to console her. He gets emotional with this truth. He feels guilty that he couldn’t fill Nandini’s place in Pari’s life. Meanwhile, Mauli tries to show that she has moved on and she doesn’t care for Kunal. Mauli tells Radhika that Kunal has a happy family, she is happy for him, she is mad to not take any step for Mishti’s happiness. She tells her that she wants to be happy in her life.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Aarohi calls Deep for a meeting. Deep wonders if its some planning of Laila. He reaches the isolated place where Aarohi as Laila meets him. Aarohi dances while hiding her identity. She wants to kill Deep and end his chapter forever. She wants to give him much pain that he begs for his death.


Ranvir’s misdeed fails. Roop stops Ranvir and bashes him up. He doesn’t let Ranvir take advantage of Ishika. Ranvir falls low just to take revenge. Roop disapproves Ranvir completely. He tells Ranvir that Ishika is his wife now and he won’t spare any evil sighted guy around. He teaches a lesson to Ranvir. Ishika isn’t in senses. She enjoys the fight and asks Roop to beat Ranvir more. She forgets everything in the morning. Roop teases her and enjoys her tension. He then kiddingly reveals the truth. They have a cute pillow fight.

Roop wants to become an ideal husband and present the characteristics of a real man. He wants to show what a real man is. He wants to share Ishika’s happiness and sorrows. He vows that he will fulfill all his marriage vows. He wants to show the world what’s a man of substance.

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