Bepannaah: SHOCKING Zoya to end ties with Aditya

Bepannaah: SHOCKING Zoya to end ties with Aditya

Bepannaah: Zoya to end ties with Aditya… Nani sends Aditya to see that Rajveer spending night with Zoya. Aditya comes there and sees Ranvir getting close to Zoya and shouts. Zoya gets trapped in Rajveer’s plan. Zoya tries to clarify to Aditya. She says I had no other way to save you. He asks if you had no way. He says how shall I see you after whatever you have done. He says you used yourself and betrayed me. Aditya gets venting out anger on her.

Zoya says I wouldn’t have done this if you had not broken in jail. She says if you feel hatred for me, I will not give any clarifications. She gets determined to save her self-esteem. She says this Sita will not give Agni Pariksha as you are not Ram. She says whatever we have between us is over. Aditya is shocked. Zoya breaks her relation with Aditya. Zoya becomes Rajveer’s puppet just to save Aditya’s life.

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Aadhya gets jealous seeing Aishwarya/Ash trying to get close to Jai. She gets upset with Jai for not stopping Ash. Ash sits on Jai’s lap and romance with him. Jai smiles and is smitten by her beauty. Aadhya is shocked and upset. She asks what are you doing and asks them to sit separately. Ash says it is very cold, if we don’t sit together then how will the cold go. Aadhya gets upset and leaves from there. Jai follows her and sees a speedy car coming towards them. He shouts Aadhya. Aadhya also sees the car. Jai rescues Aadhya. Rupa and Ash determine to break Jai and Aadhya’s friendship and growing affection.

Sameer’s mum helps Lavneet comes out of jail and asks her to kill Soumya. Lavneet comes to Harman and tells that she will kill Khushi. Harman says if Khushi gets even a scratch then I will make you vanish from this world, and asks her not to think to come near Khushi again even mistakenly. He says I love her. Lavneet laughs and says you love her…and asks do you know what Khushi is? Harman says I don’t care, I love her. Lavneet asks if he will not be affected by the truth that Khushi is a kinnar. Harman is shocked and doesn’t believe her. Lavneet tells that she is saying the truth. Harman is shattered by the bitter truth.

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