Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara to get suspicious of Ruksar

Ishq SubhanAllah

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara to get suspicious of Ruksar.. Zara reaches office and finds Kabeer busy in work. She gets naughty and makes paper balls to hit him. She teases Kabeer by aiming the paper balls at him. Kabeer asks Zara to let him work and work. They have a moment. Zara gets troubling him. He asks Zara to control her love and let him be on his own. They have a cute argument. On the other hand, Ruksar acts childish. She thinks for her own benefits. She tells everyone that she admires Kabeer and wants a husband like him. She does makeup to herself. She asks Kabeer how does she look. She asks Kabeer for a kiss. She wants Kabeer to marry her.

Zeenat tries to divert Ruksar. Ruksar insists Kabeer and tells him that he is her husband. Ruksar acts innocent. Zara looks at Ruksar’s move. She doubts that Ruksar isn’t mentally unstable. She thinks if Ruksar is faking the memory loss and mental condition. Zeenat asks Ruksar how can she state such a thing. Ruksar tells them that Kabeer is Zara’s husband, and whatever is of Zara is of her as well, since Zara is her best friend. Ruksar confuses everyone by her childish reasoning. Zara makes Ruksar away from Kabeer. She senses something fishy.


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