Ishqbaaz: A surprising emotional family union

Ishqbaaz: Obros to catch up Dadi's big lie

Ishqbaaz: A surprising emotional family union… Shivay puts Roop in a fix by catching her red-handed in the act. He tells her that she shall tell him the real reason behind her revenge. He tells Roop how he has figured out the reason behind her revenge. He asks Roop why is she chasing their happiness, why can’t she see the family happy after a long, why does she want to kill him. He tells her that he is aware that she is behind the attacks on him. Roop lies to him and tells him that Rudra was behind the attack. Shivay tells her that she has tried to kill him when Rudra didn’t come in her words. He tells Roop that he had planned the puja just to lay a trap for her. He asks her not to ruin the family, who is close to him. She tells him that she wants to kill him, since he has killed Tej and took over entire property.

She expresses her hatred for Shivay. He scolds her for instigating Rudra against him. She tells him that he will always try to break them apart. He tells her that she will never succeed, ShivOmru will always be together and united. She knows the family will end with his end. He tells her that he will always stay strong to defeat her. They have a heated argument. She tells him that he doesn’t have courage to kill her, since he had killed Tej just to save his brothers. He asks her how did she know this. She tells him that Tej has told her everything. She is aware of Tej and Mohit’s conspiracy as well. She tells him that Tej has told her about hiring goons to kill Omkara and Rudra.

Ishqbaaz track

She didn’t tell anyone why Shivay has shot Tej, so that everyone hates him. She doesn’t want people to know how noble Shivay is. She asks him to bear the pain to save the family. She knows he will never reveal her truth to the family to save them from sorrow. Rudra happens to hear the entire truth. Rudra runs to Omkara and reveals the shocking truth to him. The reason why Shivay shot Tej comes out. Rudra tells Omkara that Tej was going to kill them for the sake of property and business, and this is the reason why Shivay has killed Tej.

Shivay doesn’t want Rudra to tell the truth to Omkara. He tries his best to hide it. Omkara and Rudra learn the bitter truth behind their dad’s evil. They also learn that Roop has tried to kill Shivay twice. Rudra feels disheartened knowing this shocking truth. Omkara too can’t believe that Tej fell so down. Khanna confirms this truth, since he was the witness of Tej’s crime. Khanna reveals the entire incident to Anika and family. He apologizes to Shivay and breaks the promise. Everyone learns Tej’s ugly truth.

Ishqbaaz track

They regret for hating Shivay and losing belief in him. Khanna becomes a secret support for Shivay like always. Shivay consoles Omkara and Rudra in the moment of sorrow. He tells his brothers that he can do anything to protect them. The Obros have an emotional union. Priyanka learns the reason behind Shivay’s crime and forgives him.

Omkara and Rudra feel indebted to Shivay. They get sinking in the guilt. They unite with Shivay like before. Dadi and Nani also realize Shivay’s real worth. Dadi reprimands Roop for attempting to break the family. Shivay tells Dadi that their unity will never shatter now. Rudra warns Roop against plotting anything evil again. They oust Roop from the family. Anika feels proud of Shivay once again. She tells him that she wants to get married to him soon. Anika gets a surprise from Shivay. Shivay makes a love confession for Anika in a unique way.


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