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TR’s Quick Reads on Telly Reviews… Silsila:
Ishaan gets happy to get engaged with Mauli. He tells everyone that he has been in love with Mauli since ever. He tells him that Mauli means a lot to him, and now he feels lucky that he got her in his life. He sings praises of Mauli in front of everyone. He tells Mauli that it wasn’t easy to get her, but he is happy that she considered him. He promises that he will become a good partner and seal the deal for seven births. Mauli gets pleased with his sweet promises. He tells her that she is very amazing, and this will bring problems for him, since people will always compare them, but he would still want her to be the same. He ends Mauli’s confusion by his lovely speech.

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep falls in a financial crisis… Deep has created problems for himself while he was finding Laila’s truth. He got trapped in Aarohi’s clever plan. He didn’t know that Laila will dupe him. The money lenders visit Deep and ask him to repay the big amounts. The investors ask Deep to give the cheque. Deep refuses to pay them anything. He tells them that he can’t give them any amount right now. He asks them to wait for some days. The men ask Deep to sell off the cars right now, so that they take that as an instalment.


Roop prepares for an explosion to kill Shivay. Shivay gets clued about Roop’s evil and catches her red-handed. He confronts Roop for attempting to kill him and dividing the Obros. He asks her the reason for her evil intentions. Roop fears when Shivay puts her life in risk. Shivay asks her to admit her real intentions.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Mohini warns Anurag-Prerna… Anurag is trying hard to prove Navin’s evil face. He has got a solid evidence this time, which will expose Navin’s truth. Anurag gets a suitcase belonging to Navin. He unlocks it and gets some small box inside. He gets Navin’s passport. He gets to see Pradeep Basu name on it. He wonders why is Navin showing himself as part of Basu family. Anurag meets Ronita and saves her from Navin. He finds her panicking and tells her that its him, who saved her life. She gets scared of Navin. He asks her if anyone came to her room. She tells him that Navin had come to kill her. She cries aloud. He asks her to relax, as she is safe now.

Internet Wala Love:

Aadhya starts missing Jai a lot. She gets bored when she is with her family. She makes mistakes and looks lost. Shubhankar asks her what is she doing, she is spoiling everything. Aadhya tells him that she didn’t lose focus. She gets jealous over Aishwarya and Jai’s bonding.

Mariam Khan: Majaaz misses Mariam since long. He wants to meet Manjeet, finding her very similar to Mariam. He comes to his haveli to meet his family. He finds the family away from home. He goes around in every corner of the house, and revives his memories with the family. He tries to live his past again. Madiha comes there and senses Majaaz around. She goes to check and misses to see him. Majaaz doesn’t come in her sight. Majaaz is finding Mariam and also yearns for his family. Majaaz hides from Meher. He wants to come back to his family, but he is scared that his return can ruin them.

Meher sees him and thinks he is Aijaz. She talks to him, and tells him how much she misses him. He is an alleged terrorist. He doesn’t want his family to suffer more. He tries to know about Mariam from them. Mariam has become a journalist just to get more clues from media about her dad. Mariam is sure that her dad will return to them soon. Majaaz will be soon meeting Mariam. Mariam will succeed in bringing everyone together.

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