Jiji Maa: New entry to bring interesting twists

Spoilers Jiji Maa, Guddan and more

Jiji Maa: New entry to bring interesting twists… Suyash and Falguni spend time and are happy to be together. They enjoy the pre-marriage phase. Jayant informs that his sister Haryali is coming home. Uttara is scared of Haryali Jiji. She makes prayers and offerings. She wishes Haryali doesn’t come home, or she comes and doesn’t see anything wrong in her doings. Shom tells Uttara that her prayer isn’t answered, Haryali has already arrived. He complains to her about Falguni. He tells her how Falguni is trying to impressing Haryali by preparing badam halwa.

Uttara tells Shom that Haryali shouldn’t like Falguni, if she blesses Falguni and accepts her, then Falguni will turn more powerful. She plans to make Falguni fall in Haryali’s eyes. Suyash helps Falguni in preparing the halwa. He tells her that Bua will really like the halwa stuffed with love. He is sure that Bua will bless Falguni. Haryali is a Sadhvi, and knows identifying genuine people. Suyash tells Falguni that Bua’s intuition is strong and she often predicts right things.


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