Naira gets suspicious of Kartik’s ex-lover in Yeh Rishta

Naira gets suspicious of Kartik's ex-lover in Yeh Rishta

Naira gets suspicious of Kartik’s ex-lover in Yeh Rishta… Happy days return in Goenka family. Everyone is happy to celebrate Diwali. Kartik and Naira are worried, as they didn’t buy any Diwali gift for each other. They don’t know what to do and start blaming each other. The family shares a lots of laughter together.

Meanwhile, Dadi gets worried for a problem. She tells them that staff is on leave today. She wonders who will do all the work. The family decides to share the work and end the tasks on time. Samarth proposes this solution and impresses everyone. He tells Dadi that he will clean the house and begin right away. Dadi tells him that its not his work. Manish asks Samarth not to do any work. Akhilesh suggests to call staff from office.


Naira tells them that Akshara and she used to clean the house themselves when they lived in Cape town. She also recalls the days spent in ashram. She tells them that she has always managed her work on her own. Kartik and Naira start cleaning the house, while Samarth teases Suwarna and Surekha by instructing them for better work.

Naira gets suspicious of Kartik’s ex-lover

Suwarna pulls his ears. She gets another cute Devar and feels lucky. Samarth enjoys the family. He didn’t know he will see this wonderful day, while living with loving Goenkas. Kartik and Naira have a cute argument. They try to arrange gifts for each other, but get confused by the multiple options. They finally find the perfect gifts for each other. They try to keep their vow of gifting on every festive. They want to see each other’s response over their gifts. They imagine their annoyed reactions and worry.

There will be fun moments between them. Naira gets Gayu’s letters for Kartik. She gets disturbed reading the letters. She feels jealous and asks Kartik who is the girl who wanted to marry him. She wants to know Kartik’s lover. She feels maybe Kartik had a lover when she was away from him for two years. Kartik clarifies to her that he didn’t have any lover. The letters bring some distance between them again. Kartik calms down Naira and tries to end her insecurities.

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