High Five Spoilers: Udaan, YHM and more

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Udaan: Anjor spots Rajjo and Leela arguing about Raghav. Chakor stops them from revealing the truth of Suraj’s death. She asks Anjor to go to her room. After sending Anjor, she instructs Rajjo not to fight with Raghav, since he is very important for Anjor’s recovery. Leela complains about Rajjo. Leela isn’t aware of Rajjo and Chakor’s secret of planting Raghav in Suraj’s place. Raghav talks harshly with Rajjo. She irritates him. He hurts her intentionally. He tells her that he is frustrated seeing her. She screams in pain. Raghav scolds Rajjo for coming in his way. Chakor stops him from hurting Rajjo. He becomes a problem for Chakor. Rajjo warns Chakor against believing Raghav.

Jijaji Chath Par Hai: Pancham gets crying and hugs Murari. Murari asks him the reason for his sorrow. Pancham just hugs Murari and shatters. Murari gets tensed by his continuous crying. He says you aren’t doing your daughter’s bidaai that you are shedding so many years. Murari asks did you get any school punishment. He asks him to clearly state the matter. He assures that he won’t fire Pancham from the job. Pancham says you have much courage, but I don’t have courage to tell you. Murari scolds him. Pancham tells him that he couldn’t do the task given to him, and incurred loss for the shop. Murari asks him not to cry for a small thing, he will manage the matter. He asks Pancham to share if there is any big matter. He finds the reason weird and petty.


Jiji Maa:

Suyash’s Bua Haryali Devi enters Rawat mansion. She has arrived after a long time. The family welcomes Bua with a good heart. Suyash wants Falguni to win Bua’s heart. Bua has strong intuitions about people. Bua blesses Falguni and Niyati. Bua pulls their leg. She dislikes Uttara, knowing her evil side. Bua tells Jayant that he didn’t listen to her and married Uttara. Bua taunts Uttara. Bua will be revealing the tensions in the family because of Uttara. She wants to bring positivity in the house. Uttara is scared of Bua. She doesn’t want to lose her control on the family.

Internet Wala Love:

Jai’s shocking accident truth reaches Aadhya. Aadhya finds him injured on the road. Aadhya and Roopa reach him on road. They receive a big shock seeing them. Aadhya realizes her love for Jai, seeing Jai in such a state. Samrat is after Jai’s life. Samrat has returned in their lives to bring a storm. Aadhya and Roopa rush Jai to the hospital.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:

There will be cute romance seen between Guddan and Akshat. Akshat got beaten up while saving Guddan from Dutta and goons. Guddan takes care of Akshat. She applies the first aid. He gets more hurt by hot water. She apologizes to him. She adds some cool water. She tells him that she is wishing to help him, she doesn’t want to increase his pain. He tells her that she can’t manage anything. He asks her to stop hurting her. Her clumsiness irritates him. Guddan has her own sets of ethics. She stops her bahus from committing mistakes. Saraswati burns her educational degrees in anger. Guddan stops Saraswati from this madness. Laxmi is asked to attend office. Laxmi gets upset that Guddan is spoiling her married life.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita’s clever idea enlightens Bhallas… Ishita comes up with an idea to teach a lesson to Sudha and her sons. Ishita wants to secure her daughters’ future. She doesn’t want Aaliya and Ruhi’s future to get ruined. She frames Sudha and her sons in the domestic violence case initially. Moreover, she compels Rohan and Karan to live with them in the Bhalla house on the set of their terms and conditions. Sudha is left with no option than to accept Ishita’s conditions to stop her sons’ arrest. Simmi tortures Rohan and Karan. She turns them into house servants.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Veer and Archie begin finding the truth behind Yash’s death. They get chased by Kaal Bhairav’s Shuvaan and Lali’s spirit, which wanders in the village. Archie suspects that someone is conspiring against Veer’s family. She wants to reach Bhopal by hiding from the villagers. She hides her identity. She takes lift from someone. On the other hand, Veer’s car breaks down. He tries to get help. He gets a shocking call. He doesn’t know where did Archie go. He gets worried for Archie. He reaches the mechanic to get his car repaired. He tries to rush and find Archie.


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