Muskaan: Ronak unhappy with the engagement drama

Muskaan Ronak Clever Escape plan next

Ronak and Muskaan are getting engaged. Ronak wants to stop the engagement since he know the truth that Muskaan is a dancer. She didn’t wish to become a dancer ever. She was helpless by the life’s situation. She lectures Ronak. He blames Muskaan for all the troubles. She is fed up explaining him. She vents anger on him. She tells him that she isn’t a toy that he plays with, he is responsible for getting this drama to this point. She scolds him for committing mistakes. They think of stopping the function some how. Sir ji wants to see if Ronak will get engaged to Muskaan. Muskaan gets into a big fight with Ronak. They taunt each other. Muskaan is unhappy. Sir ji and Gayatri want Muskaan to get ready on time.

Muskaan gets compelled to act as Ronak’s wife. She is heartbroken hearing her bitterness. Muskaan feels sorry that she is pulling the drama ahead even when she knows they have no future together. She doesn’t want to live in this drama. She wants to do something and stop the marriage.

Ronak and Muskaan are getting attached, and want to avoid the bonding. They fear that they fake relation will turn true. Every ceremony gives them jitters. Ronak brings the goons to stop the engagement. The man claims that he is Muskaan’s husband Sujjan. Ronak gets into an argument with him. Muskaan gets a shock and wonders who is behind this plan, Ronak or Sir ji. Muskaan gets silent and wants the family to deal with her fake husband.


Muskaan’s fake husband challenges Ronak for a fight. He is a professional wrestler. Ronak agrees to the challenge just for the sake of Gayatri’s happiness. The engagement stops for everyone’s betterment. Later, Ronak and Muskaan go for the pre-wedding photoshoot. She gets upset and misses her mum. Ronak is unhappy too. Gayatri brings them closer. Gayatri hugs Muskaan and asks her to assume her as mother. Ronak wipes Muskaan’s tears. Gayatri finds them good together.

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