Silsila Voot: Mauli shockingly revives Nandini

Silsila Voot: Mauli shockingly revives Nandini

Silsila Voot: Mauli meets Ishaan and shares her dilemma about meeting Pari. She tells him that she wants to visit Pari, since she is ailing and yearning for her mother. She worries for Mishti. He tells her that he will handle Mishti and take her to some park, so that she stays busy. She gets thanking him for being so good and always a savior for him. Kunal leaves sick Pari home to attend an emergency at the hospital. There is a close hit and miss between Kunal and Mauli, when he goes out of the house when Mauli lands up. Mauli recollects Nandini when she comes to the house. She meets Pari and finds her in really an ailing state. Mauli wants Pari to recover soon. Mauli gets caring for Pari, despite the promise made by Mishti.

Nandini’s memories get troubling Mauli. She goes back in flashbacks where she blessed Nandini to get her love and happiness. She wasn’t prepared to lose Kunal to Nandini.

Mauli feels shattering with the thought that Nandini has snatched Kunal. All the bitter memories come up in Mauli’s mind. She recollects Kunal and Nandini’ s big deceive, who cheated her love, friendship and trust. The feelings get overpowering Mauli. Mauli revives Nandini by the memory flash outs. Mauli feels Nandini is with her. It gets too troubling for her. She considers to leave from the house, being heartbroken over the past. She comes across Pari, who suddenly faints. Mauli rushes to care for her.

On the other hand, Ishaan fulfills his promise by keeping Mishti engaged all day. He doesn’t let Mishti know that Mauli is with Pari. He lies that Mauli is at the hospital. Mauli becomes the doctor for Pari. She wishes Pari recovers soon. She remembers Nandini’s last words when she has shown full faith in Mauli. Nandini and Mauli’s friendship is known to Pari. Mauli handles Pari with love and affection, just the way Pari wanted. Mauli tells Asha that Pari won’t be liking the plain khichdi. She goes to cook for Pari. Nandini’s memories flood Mauli’s mind, making her more anxious. Ishaan gets Mishti home. Mishti gets busy spending time with the family.

Mishti is happy that Ishaan is handling the family so well. She expresses her dislike for Kunal, who has abandoned the family. She asks Ishaan if he will also leave her. He promises that he will never abandon Mauli and her. He wants to be with them always. Kunal returns home and gets a shocking surprise by spotting Mauli in Nandini’s place in his house. Mauli’s presence reminds him of their lovely past. He also recollects Nandini, when he finds Mauli cooking the food for Pari. Nandini gets revived for Kunal by Mauli once again.

Mauli tries to multi-task and ends him burning her saree by the lit stove. Kunal rushes to save Mauli from the critical danger. Kunal saves Mauli’s life by showing extreme concern for her, which touches her heart once again. He gets his hands burnt for Mauli’s safety. A new Silsila is about to begin, since Mauli gets inclined towards Kunal once again. They unknowingly slip into the special moment. Mauli feels its not right that she started feeling for Kunal, when she is going to marry Ishaan. The dilemma for Mauli gets deeper. What will Mauli decide for the fate of her family? Keep reading.

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