Ishqbaaz: New twists mark beginning of fresh love tale

Ishqbaaz: New twists mark beginning of fresh love tale

Ishqbaaz: Jai tells Priyanka that there is no one to welcome her home. He tries to keep her away and hits her with his arrogance. Priyanka gets upset with Jai’s shocking change. He doesn’t welcome her in his room as well. He makes it clear that they are like strangers now. Shivay calls her up to know if she is fine and happy. Priyanka regrets for the wrong decisions made in her life. She doesn’t want Shivay to worry for her more. She gets lying to him about Jai’s loving and caring side. She gets shattered. Shivay tells Priyanka that he will be soon coming to pick her for Pagphere. He tells the family that they will be celebrating Dada ji’s birth anniversary soon.

He tells them that he has spoken to a big writer already. He wants to get details about their grandpa’s past. Dadi gets hiding the past truth from Shivay. Priyanka tries to adjust with Jai. She tells Jai that she is his wife and will be looking after him. He reveals his decision of relocating to the US. She tells him that she will be keeping the rituals. He doesn’t want to meet Shivay. She gets upset. Shivay prepares to leave for the Pagphere ritual. The brothers get gifts for Priyanka.

Nani plans a surprise for Dadi, along with Shivay. Meanwhile, Anika asks Shivay about gifting his watch to Sahil. He denies to gift the watch. Anika calls Sahil to seek an answer. Shivay realizes Sahil’s lie and saves his respect. He lies to Anika that he has gifted the watch to Sahil. He calms down Anika’s anger. He asks Sahil to ask for something he wants, except stealing it. Sahil apologizes to Shivay. Nani calls up Dadi’s old friend home, who holds tons of swag shocking everyone. Dadi meets her friend, who once had a crush on her. Nani unites Dadi and her friend after many decades.

The scenes get hilarious with Dadi’s tale of friendship and romance. Shivay learns more about his Dada ji from the new entry. Obros find the old man really weird, seeing him flirting with Dadi. Shivay and Jai compete for a big contract. Jai is sure to get the contract by fair and unfair means. More of Dadi’s old love tale will be revealing up. Her friend takes this as a chance from fate and proposes her with love, after 55 years.

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