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Jiji Maa: Haryali keeps a puja at home. She tells the family that she wants Vidhaan to get rid of bad sight, and the puja is related to his marriage. She asks Falguni to do the rituals. Falguni refuses to do any rituals. She tells Haryali that she will not do injustice with Niyati, she won’t involve in Vidhaan’s second marriage. Haryali reminds Falguni that she is also a bahu of Rawat family, along with being Niyati’s sister. She asks Falguni to the duties of a bahu and perform the puja. She guides Falguni for the rituals. She doesn’t give any option to Falguni. Falguni tries to change Vidhaan’s decision of marriage. Vidhaan is helpless because of Haryali’s bad prediction. Suyash tells Falguni that they have to find Niyati first and get her home.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep celebrates his birthday. He dances with Aarohi and Tara. Aarohi gets back in Laila’s avatar. Tara gets jealous seeing Deep romancing Laila. She gets in between to get Deep’s attention. Deep gets the birthday surprise. Vasundara forgives Deep. Deep cuts the cake. Aarohi warns Deep that this will be his last birthday. She wants to kill Deep.

Deep gets injured. He screams when he gets hit. He falls unconscious on the ground. Tara cries for Deep. Vasundara wants to know how did Deep get hurt. Even Virat thinks who has attacked Deep. Abhimanyu gets speechless on failing to do his duty once again. Abhimanyu looks for Aarohi. He thinks Aarohi is the one who has attacked Deep to kill him. Vasundara asks them to rush Deep for treatment.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Prerna wants to find Anurag and know it he is safe. Madhuri also reaches the accident spot to know if Anurag survived. She informs Navin that Anurag’s car is in real bad state and she doesn’t think Anurag will get saved. Navin feels sorry that he had to kill Anurag to save himself. He didn’t wish to kill Mohini’s son, but he is very evil-minded. Destiny supports Anurag once again. He gets saved before the car blast. Prerna learns about Anurag getting treated in the hospital. Madhuri gets this shocking news. She also rushes to the hospital to kill Anurag.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer gets more troubled by Kashan and Zara. He feels Zara has hurt him a lot and now even Kashan is disrespecting him. Kabeer gets challenged by Kashan. He decides to start a new business. When he meets the investors, the people make fun of him regarding his clothing. Kabeer gets angered and beats the man. Kabeer imagines Kashan taunting him for his ideologies. Zara tries to talk to Kabeer to relieve his problems. Kabeer doesn’t open the door. She wants to help Kabeer get over this low phase, so that he succeeds in his life.

Jija ji Chath Par Hai:
Pancham writes a letter to inform Murari about his love story with Ilaychi. He seeks help from Ilaychi, Sunita and Pintu. They all give suggestions to write the best letter. Ilaychi asks Pancham to praise her in the letter, so that Murari gets glad. Pintu gets threatening Murari verbally. Pancham takes their suggestions and writes a letter by himself. He writes that its too tough to handle Ilaychi, but she will try to love Ilaychi. Karuna comes on the terrace. Pancham hides the letter. The letter flies off. Pancham and Ilaychi look for the letter. Murari gets the letter. Pancham sees this and gets in tension. He rushes to get the letter back.

Roop and Ishika make the poha for the family. Roop gets a call and goes out of kitchen. Ishika serves the poha to the family. Her dad gets ill because of the peanut allergy. Ranvir adds the peanuts in the poha to cause troubles. Ishika scolds Roop for adding peanuts, when she has clearly told him about her dad’s allergy. He knows that he didn’t add the peanuts. He has to find the culprit. He knows Ranvir is behind the big mistake. Ishika worries for her dad and takes him to his room.


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