Krishna Chali London: Krishna’s big battle begins

big battle begins

Krishna begins her big battle against Dadda. Krishna exposes Radhe’s real father in front of the family. Everyone comes to know about Dadda’s evil face, how he has badly eyed Shuklain in the past and also killed Vrinda because of his evil desires. Shuklain’s son Triloki and Gajanan oppose Dadda knowing how Dadda was troubling their mother. They try to protect their mother from the devil now. Even Triloki’s greedy wife Bela finds Dadda a shameless and horrible man. She doesn’t want to support him further. She apologizes to the family and tells them that she is with them from now onwards. Krishna tells Dadda that she will get him punished for the crime.

But, he stays overconfident that Krishna can’t do anything. He gets challenging Krishna that she can’t do anything against him, since she isn’t Satyug’s Krishna to hold magical powers and teach a lesson to enemies. He jokes on Krishna for being so incapable and weak that she can’t even protect her husband Radhe.

He threatens Krishna that he may kill Radhe if things go out of his hand. He doesn’t have any sentiments attached with Radhe, even if Radhe is his own son. He declares to the family that he has kidnapped Shukla and also pushed him towards death. He also reveals that he will send Radhe to the same place and put his life in danger. Krishna gets terrified with his evil truth. Krishna’s anger reminds Dadda of his wife Vrinda. Krishna gets overpowering Dadda’s evil. But, how will she save Radhe? Keep reading.


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