Perfect Pati: Pushkar suspects Vidhita’s behavior

Perfect Pati

Perfect Pati: Pushkar gets mistaken about Vidhita, when he spots her with a guy, who is actually Meera’s boyfriend. Pushkar questions Vidhita about the guy, but she ends up lying to him, since she can’t reveal to him about Meera’s love affair. She wants to talk to Rajshri about Meera’s marriage first. Vidhita’s lie makes Pushkar angry. He gets imagining of harming that guy. Vidhita and Meera hide the big secret from Pushkar, knowing his anger. Pushkar confronts Vidhita about the same guy again and decides to punish her for the lies. Vidhita gets helpless to accept the punishment, since she has to attempt his recovery.

Vidhita bears the torments, just because she wants Pushkar to reform. She hopes that her love and tolerance will bring a change in Pushkar. Vidhita meets Dr. Damini to collect the medicines for Pushkar. Damini explains Vidhita about Pushkar’s unstable mental state. She asks Vidhita to feed him the medicines without missing any dose. Vidhita finds hard to escape from Pushkar’s sharp eyes and feed him the medicines. Pushkar follows Vidhi and finds her meeting Damini. He gets suspicious about Damini. Vidhita gets saved from him once. They have a close hit and miss. Will he learn Vidhi and Damini’s collaboration for his cure? Keep reading.



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