Star Plus Spoilers: Yeh Rishta, Kasautiii and more

Star Plus Spoilers: Yeh Rishta, Kasautiii and more

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Star Plus Spoilers Kartik gets a task from Naksh to collect Kirti and Naira’s medical reports from the hospital. Kartik gets occupied in his work, after collecting the reports in a jiffy. He doesn’t check the reports. He isn’t aware that Naira is facing the symptoms of pregnancy, and has lied to him about the pregnancy test result. Naira goes to the hospital for a proper checkup to confirm her doubt. She learns that she is really pregnant. Kartik also gets this confirmed after checking the hospital reports. He didn’t wish this bundle of joy to come in his life, unplanned and unwanted at this time. Kartik feels sorry. He doesn’t wish to break Naira’s heart. Naira gets displeased with Kartik’s reaction over her pregnancy.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Fawad waits for Mariam on the terrace where he has planned to confess love to her. He decorates the terrace with flowers and candles. He gets anxious to confess his love. Mariam realizes what he is up to. She has been waiting for this moment as well. She rushes to Fawad to hear his love confession. Rifat wants to kill Mariam. Her hired goons reach Mariam and drag her away, when she attempts to go to Fawad. The goons kidnap her. Mariam gets away from Fawad’s sight. Fawad rehearses his love confession. He feels Mariam hasn’t come for some reason and worriedly looks for her. Fawad learns that Mariam has gone missing.


Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Prerna does not want anyone to snatch her family’s happiness. She finds things falling into place in her family, since they all looked happy for her marriage. She is content that they didn’t lose the house. Navin gets fed up of competing with Anurag. He tells Anurag that they should stop their fight now, since the time is up, its no use to fight for Prerna.

Navin wants to get Prerna some how. He angers Anurag by talking cheaply. Anurag doesn’t lose his cool. Navin gets Madhuri to Anurag and makes the revelation on his own, that he has burnt their marriage certificate. He tells Anurag that he was behind his fatal accident, as he wanted to kill him. He finds Anurag lucky enough to get saved. He asks Anurag to value his new life and stay out of his matters. Navin accepts his hatred and anger on Anurag.

He declares Madhuri to be his wife and admits that he still wishes to kill Anurag, if Anurag dares to become hindrance in his path. Navin just wants to fulfill Prerna’s deal with his client. Anurag learns his evil intentions and makes a trap for Navin. He instigates Navin into admitting all his crimes only to land behind bars.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna succeeds to trick Dadda. She seeks Bela’s help to lie to Dadda about Gajanan and Triloki’s trip to Dubai. Krishna and Shuklain reach Dubai while keeping their identities a secret. They come across the name who works for Dadda. They want to track Radhe and Shukla, and save their lives. Krishna asks Shuklain not to worry. She timely encourages her mother-inlaw to stay strong, since they are close to their goals now. Krishna and Shuklain hide in the goon’s car, only to reach the place where human trafficking is taking place. They also get kidnapped by the goons. Krishna thinks its good to get captive, since they will reach Radhe soon.

Radhe and Shukla find many people captive and getting sold. Shukla loses all hopes and feels he has failed as a father. Shukla apologizes to Radhe. Radhe doesn’t lose his courage. He tells the people that they aren’t cowards to lose the battle before fighting. Radhe boosts their confidence to get up and fight for their own lives, since they have to become their own protector. Radhe instills courage, hopes and willingness to return to family in the captured people. Radhe initiates a fight, only to get back to the family and fight with evil Dadda.


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