Silsila SHOCKING Mauli yearns to remarry Kunal

Silsila SHOCKING Mauli yearns to remarry Kunal

Silsila Shocking Mauli and Kunal together look after the baby. Mauli feels Kunal is a good father. She wants to manage her responsibility on her own. Kunal stays disturbed over her remarks on him that he is a bad father. Mauli handles the baby, but fails to calm him down. Kunal gets entertaining the baby and calms him down. Mauli gets happy to witness this phase in her life, which she missed at the time of Mishti.

Ishaan tells Radhika that he has taken Mishti along. Radhika and Dida want to invite Sandhya home so that they get to know each other. Ishaan asks Mauli if she is disturbed about Kunal. She tells him that Kunal is being helpful in handling a baby. She tells him about the unfortunate death of baby’s mother. Ishaan feels proud of her. He tells her that he is missing her and will cross any distance to meet her. He tells her that he will be coming to pick her from the camp.

Mauli finds Kunal being a good caretaker. He has raised Pari alone. He does his work and also manages the baby so well, that Mauli gets surprised. Sandhya meets Radhika and Dida to decide the wedding arrangements.

Ishaan wants to have a simple court marriage with Mauli. He doesn’t wish to have a grand wedding. Sandhya tells them that she wants to have a grand wedding for her son, since its his first marriage and she has many dreams to accomplish. This irks Radhika and Dida. Ishaan doesn’t want his mum to insult Mauli in any way. Sandhya wants Ishaan to settle down in life and get a child. Ishaan considers Mishti as his child. Sandhya tells him that he needs to have his own child.

Moreover, Sandhya gets countering Radhika’s statements, shocking Ishaan. He feels embarrassed by Sandhya’s talks. Mauli also manages to work along with looking after the baby. Kunal understands how tough it was for them to raise their children single handedly. Kunal doesn’t let Mauli’s sleep get spoiled. He pacifies the baby at night. Mauli apologizes to him for hurting his sentiments. She regrets for her words. They both spend time at the camp. They share about Mishti and Pari’s childhood moments. Mauli gets happy seeing Kunal playing with the kids.

She tells Radhika that Kunal is looking after the kids so well, that she regrets to lie to Kunal about her pregnancy. She feels bad that Mishti lost his love, because of her lie. Radhika sees Mauli longing for Kunal again. She gets worried as Ishaan is planning to marry Mauli soon. Kunal overhears Mauli and Radhika’s conversation. He wonders why is Mauli thinking such. He gets close to learn the truth about Mauli’s big lie.

He gets heartbroken thinking how badly he had compelled Mauli and broke her heart. He realizes that Mauli misses him in her life. Kunal feels she still loves him. Mauli gets a wish in heart that she was with Kunal and raised Mishti well. She wishes to remarry him, instead Ishaan. Kunal realizes that Mauli couldn’t love Ishaan and is just compromising with her life, just because of him.


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