Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: All is not well for Sudha and sons

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: All is not well for Sudha and sons

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman asks Rohan and Karan to forget going home and get back to work. Sudha begs Raman to let her take her sons back. She asks Raman not to involve her sons in their fight. He tells her that he has told her the same about Aaliya and Ruhi, but still she has ruined his daughters’ lives. He tells her that he will make their lives really hell. Sudha pleads to them. Karan suddenly collapses. Bhallas think that Karan is doing this drama. Sudha asks them to look after Karan, he isn’t faking illness. Bhallas don’t show any interest in helping Karan. Rohan asks them to show some humanity and help Karan. Ishita comes in Rohan’s words. Raman asks her not to forget their motive of teaching Sudha and her sons a lesson. Ishita doesn’t want to fall to Sudha’s level.

She tells Raman that they should get Karan treated. Raman and Ishita help Karan and take him to a nearby hospital. Sudha plays her wicked ploy. Sudha and Rohan complain to the doctor that Karan is tortured by Bhallas, who don’t even give him food. Doctor lies about the brain clot. Sudha wants to take Karan with her by this medical issue. Ishita feels bad that Karan is critical. Rohan consoles Sudha. Aaliya and Ruhi get worried for Karan’s state.

Simmi feels guilty that she has made Karan work so hard and didn’t give him food. Bhallas feel bad for poor Karan. Sudha refuses to accept Raman’s conditions. She tells Ishita that they have done enough damage to her family. Ishita gets speechless. Ishita gets praying for Karan. Ishita catches Sudha’s drama. She tries to take the drama ahead and scare Sudha. Ishita meets the doctor and learns Sudha’s plot to take her sons home. Ishita lies to them that Karan is really critical, he isn’t breathing properly. She asks Sudha and the doctor to check Karan well. She shocks Sudha saying Karan is no more. Sudha admits that it was her plan to take her sons home.


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