Mariam Khan and Fawad’s love confessions next

High Five Spoilers Mariam Khan, Kasautii

There will be love confessions showering in the coming track. Mariam gets kidnapped. The goons tie up Mariam and put her in a box. Rifat orders them to kill Mariam. Fawad reaches there in the nick of time and spots Mariam in the huge box. He rushes to save her. He gets her to the hospital to get her wounds treated. Mariam gets fine and asks him what did he wish to say. Fawad thinks its the perfect time to confess love to Mariam. Fawad decorates the hospital and proposes Mariam for marriage. He confesses love to her. Mariam gets too happy and says yes to his romantic proposal of love. Fawad gets grateful to her, when she also confesses love to him. They both have a lovely hug. They share their feelings. Fawad says I don’t know when did this happen and how, when I fell in love with you, I get happy when you smile, I feel restless when I see you in tension. Mariam gets overwhelmed.

Mariam confesses to him that she isn’t Manjeet, but Mariam, Majaaz’s daughter. She tells him that she was taken away from Biji, who raised her, far from the family. She tells him that she has seen Majaaz’s picture with him and followed him, only to come here and find her family fine.

She reveals about someone’s big lie that her family is ruined. Fawad gets a big shock knowing this truth. She wants to know his reply. He hugs her and tells her that he will never let her get away. He tells her that even if she is Mariam, his love won’t be true. She tells him that she was after him to find about Majaaz. He tells her that he is chasing Majaaz to bring the entire truth out, if Majaaz is innocent, he will bring Majaaz in good light. Mariam thanks him for accepting her truth. Fawad explains his stand over Majaaz’s findings. He promises to help her in her battle.



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