Upcoming twists in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik tells Naira that he knows about her pregnancy. He gets upset that she has hidden this news from her. Naira gets speechless. She reveals the truth to him. Naira tells him that she didn’t wish to hurt him, but she is pregnant. She asks him what would he decide now. Kartik keeps his stand that he wants her health to be fine first. He gives her health the maximum priority over everything else. He contacts the doctor for a meet to discuss the unplanned pregnant. Doctor asks Kartik to keep Naira happy in every situation. Doctor explains Kartik that he shouldn’t give any stress to Naira. Kartik agrees to accept Naira’s pregnancy and keep her happy. Goenkas learn the good news of Naira’s pregnancy. Kartik plans a unique party for Naira. He comes with a magical show and cute act to make Naira happy.

The family dances with Kartik. Kartik’s teddy act makes everyone smile. Naira looks worried to them. Kartik wants to end her tensions. Kartik presents the surprises for Naira. He dances with her. Devyaani asks Naira not to make Naira take spins, the baby can get in trouble. Kartik then realizes her pregnancy and gets away from her. Naira gets crying badly. The family gets worried for Naira.

They ask Naira what’s the matter that she is crying. Naira gets mood swings. She gets emotional on little things. Kartik comes back and hugs her. He tells Naira that he just went to get something relieving for her. Kartik gets a baby toy for Naira. He cheers her up. The family congratulates Naira and expresses their happiness.

Goenkas get too happy to welcome their heir. They start looking after Naira delicately. Kartik just wants Naira to be happy all her life. He understands that the baby will be getting happiness for Naira. Next will be show will be Kirti’s baby shower function, celebrated in Goenka house, along with the presence of Singhania family. Naira will be planning the baby shower on Kirti’s request. Kartik and Naira will feel the sense of responsibility towards their child, by seeing Naksh and Kirti’s journey of parents. Kartik and Naira will also strive their best to become the best parents in the world.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha targets Ishita’s family. Mr. Iyer gets blamed for theft. He gets beaten up. He gets too injured. Ishita rushes him to hospital. Sudha knows Ishita knows her family a lot. Nisha blames Mr. Iyer for the theft and makes a fake story. Nisha works for Sudha. Mr. Iyer didn’t know that Nisha is Sudha’s aide. Mrs. Iyer breaks down seeing his state. She believes in him that he can never cheat anyone. Ishita is worried for her dad.

Mr. Iyer regrets to believe Nisha and lie to the family. He was just doing good out of humanity. He was helping Nisha and keeping her savings with him on her insistence, believing her story that her husband is a torturing man. Mr. Iyer didn’t know that Nisha is trapping him in Sudha’s conspiracy. Mrs. Iyer takes a stand for him. She tells Ishita that he has got the money and told her about the lottery ticket. She has spent the money on shopping. She worries that she has to return the money to Nisha. Ishita and Mihika help out Iyers.


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