Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Love, separation and sorrow

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Love

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Love moments for Sikandar and Lovely. Sikandar wants to know why is Lovely so much against Kulfi. She tells him that he is the wrong doer, he ignores Amyra and her and chooses Kulfi always. She feels that she doesn’t exist in his life. Sikandar gets caring for her, since her blood pressure is high. He calms her down. He tells her that she never left him before. He wants her back in his life. He wipes her tears with love. Sikandar and Lovely share a moment of love, while Tony and Gunjan argue in front of the media. Tony gets insulting Sikandar and his family. Lovely tells Sikandar that she wants to reconcile with him. She wants him to give her another chance. She wants Sikandar in her life. Gunjan scolds Tony for always valuing money over relations.

Sikandar and Lovely learn about their families’ fight and rush to stop. They also get involved while stopping the fight. Sikandar limits Tony from insulting his family. Lovely tells him that he can’t insult her parents. She gets against him and his family, and asks for the divorce.

She asks him to end the relation. He asks her to consider it done. They didn’t imagine they will fight again. They also get heartbroken like the people around them. Sikandar and Lovely want to stay away and don’t talk to their daughters. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he doesn’t want to talk to her. Lovely asks Amyra to be away.

Gunjan argues with Mahendar for always forgiving Lovely. Gunjan tells him that Lovely shouldn’t get back in the house. She wants to speak against the injustice happening in the family because of Lovely. He just cares for Kulfi and Amyra’s future. Kulfi and Amyra shed tears. Kulfi wants to know if Sikandar is so bad. She wishes that the matter gets solved so that she can tell him that he is her father. Sikandar and Lovely get to see their divorce news. They get disturbed. Amyra cries seeing the news. She asks Lovely not to do this. The media begins to trouble Sikandar and Lovely.

Tony asks Lovely not to ruin her image. He asks her not to meet Sikandar now. He gets angry that Sikandar’s family has maligned his reputation. He doesn’t want Lovely to go to her husband. He tells her that Amyra has no blood relation with Sikandar, and now the family can’t be together. Lovely begs him to help. Sikandar tells Mohendar that Lovely doesn’t want the divorce. Gunjan tells him that Lovely should manage her relations herself, than following her dad. Sikandar decides to talk to Lovely. Lovely’s lawyer meets Sikandar and hands over the divorce notice. Sikandar gets shocked seeing Lovely’s signed papers. He isn’t aware that Tony has brainwashed Lovely and forced her to sign the papers. Tony wants Lovely to go back to Sikandar on their conditions. Kulfi decides to reveal to Sikandar that she is his daughter.


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