YHM Tonight: Sudha’s plan to backfire

YHM Tonight: Sudha's plan to backfire

YHM Tonight: Sudha gets a shock seeing Karan working as a peon in office. She can’t tolerate it. Karan tells Sudha that Raman has made him a peon. Raman asks Karan to clean the mess and keep the office clean. Sudha asks Raman not to humiliate her son. Raman asks Sudha to let Ruhi and Aaliya get divorced without the compensation. He asks her if she loves money more than her sons. He asks her to accept the deal if she doesn’t want her sons to suffer. He wants to settle scores with Sudha by targeting Karan. Karan gets troubled by Raman. Sudha can’t see Karan working on Raman’s orders. Karan manages to handle everything. He asks Sudha to accept Raman’s deal and free him from this torture. Sudha assures that she will fix everything.

Raman asks Karan not to act smart and talk to Sudha. Simmi stays upset over Ananya’s loss. Ishita asks her mum not to bother Simmi on this day. She knows that Simmi will get fine if she spends some time alone. Simmi reveals about Parmeet shifted to jail. She gets glad about it. Rohan overhears them to find out more about Simmi and Parmeet.

Raman and Sudha get into an argument. Raman understands how to deal with Sudha. Kaushalya gets food for Karan. Karan goes to have the food. He hides a note for Sudha in the tiffin. Sudha asks Karan to record the tortures by Raman so that they can use the footage against him. Karan gets glad by her help. Sudha and Karan hide and communicate. Raman stops Karan from meeting Sudha. Karan asks Sudha to find about Simmi and her past.

Sudha hatches a new plan and gets finding about Simmi’s past. Bhallas feel weird when Rohan serves them happily. Ishita informs Raman about the big change in Rohan. Raman tells Ishita that Karan is with him. He vents out anger on Karan. He asks Ishita to stop Rohan and Karan from talking to Sudha. Sudha wants to outsmart Raman. She gets hopeful to get her sons back. Sudha’s plan will be back firing, when Raman learns about it.


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