Kulfi Kumar Bajewala receives a surprising good news

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala receives a surprising good news

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala has got her father Sikandar, but she doesn’t get her happiness. Kulfi finds Sikandar upset and shares his pain. She tells Tevar that she wants to tell Sikandar that she loves him a lot, he is her father. She asks Tevar to guide her in telling the truth to Sikandar. She prays for Sikandar’s happiness. She tells her decision to Tevar. She prays that she unites with Sikandar. She couldn’t tolerate Sikandar’s tears on his breaking family. She heads to Sikandar and hugs him emotionally. She gains courage to tell him that she is his daughter. Sikandar blesses her.

She learns that truth that Sikandar has just loved Nimrat, but he was helpless to leave her. She gets happy when he tells her that he regrets for not going back to Nimrat, his true love. Sikandar shares his pain on Nimrat’s death.

Kulfi’s dilemma over Sikandar’s goodness gets clear. She tells her teddy bears that her father Sikandar isn’t bad, he loved Nimrat by his heart and regrets to lose her.

Kulfi shares her happiness with Tevar and toys. She wants to shout out that she has got her lost father. She sheds tears of happiness as well. Kulfi and Amyra are trying that Sikandar doesn’t lose Lovely. Kulfi wants Sikandar to get his family back. Kulfi will be uniting Sikandar and Lovely. Kulfi knew that Sikandar is a good person, since he has always loved her selflessly. She jumps happily that she has got all her answers, but she fails to tell Sikandar that she is his daughter. She thinks she shouldn’t hurry up to tell him the truth, else he may get more distant from Lovely. She thinks she should first bring Sikandar’s family together and then join them. Kulfi takes care of Sikandar. Will Kulfi succeed in her big task? Keep reading.


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