Raman Ishita pop a smart strategy in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman Ishita pop a smart strategy in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman Ishita play their game to flop Rohan and Karan’s plan. Sudha reaches the police station to complaint against the Bhallas. Inspector warns her against misleading the police. Sudha tells him that she has the recording of tortures by Bhallas. She asks him to save her sons, before Bhallas kill them. She makes serious allegations on Bhallas, while Bhallas leave Rohan and Karan puzzled by their good and loving drama. Sudha has no idea that Raman and Ishita have played their cards well. Rohan and Karan meet Sudha and tell her that Bhallas are doing a good drama, but that won’t help them now. They tell about the torture video. Raman and Ishita act ignorant. They ask Rohan to go ahead and prove it.

Inspector watches Bhallas serving food to Rohan and Karan with love. He doesn’t listen to Sudha. Sudha and her sons learn that Bhallas already knew their plan and changed the recording. Raman warns Sudha against harming his family. He tells Sudha that he will not tolerate if she defames his family or intervenes further. Sudha gets more revengeful. Raman asks Rohan and Karan not to act smart next time.

Simmi tortures them once again and makes them do much work. Sudha loses out to Bhallas’ smart strategy, while her sons continue working as servants. Simmi tells Raman and Ishita about someone depositing money in Parmeet’s bank account. Raman asks her if she has any idea about the money.

He gives the task to Ruhi and Aaliya to meet the bank official and get details. Rohan and Karan make a plan to target Simmi. They also make the plan to find out about Parmeet. They get guidance by Sudha again. Ruhi tells Raman about meeting the bank manager. Raman wants to meet the manager. Ruhi tells him that she will go for the meeting, since its a petty issue. Rohan and Karan continue to work and wait for Sudha’s call. Ruhi and Aaliya inform Raman about meeting the manager at some place.

Raman worries that they may fall in trouble. Rohan and Karan learn about Aaliya-Ruhi’s problem. They worry for their wives, knowing Raman isn’t able to trace them. Aaliya and Ruhi get chased by the goons. Rohan and Karan find their wives in trouble and turn into heroes once again to save them. They learn that Sudha has put Aaliya and Ruhi in trouble and sent good after them. They feel disgusted by Sudha’s inhumane act.


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