High Five Spoilers Mariam Khan, Kasautii

High Five Spoilers Mariam Khan, Kasautii

Spoilers Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Mariam tells Fawad that she wants to meet her father, Majaaz Khan, who is tagged as a terrorist. She tells him that even if the world calls her father a terrorist, her heart will never believe this. She tells Fawad that she wants to meet Majaaz and know his story, what circumstances compelled him to walk on the wrong path. She is sure that Majaaz can never do wrong and maybe there is an unheard truth. She wants to uncover the truth and prove Majaaz’s innocence. She asks Fawad to help her in tracking Majaaz. She asks him for this wedding gift. Fawad accepts her request and tells her that he will make her meet her father, and will support her if her father is a right person. Mariam gains courage by Fawad’s assurance.

Ronak gets helpless in front of his mother Gayatri. He can’t tolerate anyone cheating his mother so much. He asks his father to just speak the truth. When Sir ji refuses to share the bitter truth with Gayatri, Ronak gives him an ultimatum of a week. He tells Sir ji that he will himself unmask his truth in front of Gayatri and entire family if Sir ji keeps his silence for long. Ronak loses his cool and doesn’t want to spare Sir ji more.

Perfect Pati:
Rajshri learns about Vidhi’s big move to trouble Pushkar by giving him wrong medicines to draw him mad. She can’t believe that the girl whom she regarded as the perfect bahu has done such a bad thing. She calls up Ashwin home to complain about Vidhi. She knows that Pushkar wasn’t staying happy with Vidhi since a while. She tells Ashwin that she has found the right reason for Pushkar and Vidhi’s breaking marriage. She tells the entire matter to Ashwin, how Vidhi is harming Pushkar’s life. She tells Ashwin that its enough now, she can’t bear Vidhi in their lives. She takes the big decision of getting Vidhi and Pushkar divorced. She declares her decision, which leaves Ashwin super shocked. Ashwin has belief in Vidhi, that she can never do wrong. He meets Vidhi to know her side of story. Ashwin decides to support Vidhi and save her from psychotic Pushkar.

Jiji Maa:
Uttara finds a way to knock out Falguni from the house. Vidhaan learns the big truth that baby Govind is actually Suyash and Falguni’s son. Vidhaan doesn’t know that Uttara is the person who has blackmailed the doctor into lying to him before. Vidhaan still stays like a loving brother. He joins back Suyash in the business, which makes Uttara furious.

Uttara makes a plan to make Falguni fall in Vidhaan’s sight. She wants to prove Falguni like an incapable person, who isn’t suitable to handle the big contract. She wants to move Falguni out of Rawat company. Uttara uses the baby in her plans.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Sid and Shivani play cupid for Anurag and Prerna. They try to put some sense in the lovers’ minds so that the lovers realize their feelings. Shivani tells Prerna that Anurag has risked his life and saved her from marrying a wrong guy, just because he has feelings for her. She is also sure that Prerna loves Anurag. She asks Prerna to ask her heart if she loves Anurag or not. Prerna feels Shivani is right, but is reluctant. Shivani suggests Prerna to confess love to Anurag. On the other hand, Sid tries to explain Anurag about love. He asks Anurag to confess love to Prerna before it gets too late. Anurag tries to judge his feelings and know if he is really falling in love. Meanwhile, Mohini invites Komolika home, and also plans a date for Komolika and Anurag surprisingly. Anurag and Komolika’s date will be seen next.


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