Yeh Rishta Christmas Celebrations Twists and Shockers

Yeh Rishta Christmas Celebrations Twists and Shockers

Yeh Rishta Christmas Twists will be seen next. Santa will bringing many surprises. Kartik and Naira sort their issues after he clears the big misunderstanding that had driven Naira for abortion before. He is big time relieved that his baby is fine. He is thankful that Naira didn’t abort the baby. Naira forgives Kartik and changes her decision of leaving the house. Naira tells him that it was very painful for her to think that her baby’s father doesn’t want the baby. She asks him to think how his silence and annoyance have killed her heart. Kartik begs her to forgive her once and give him a chance to make everything fine.

Kartik doesn’t want Naira to keep any memories of his denial and forget everything, so that they can have happiness in hearts. He wants Naira not to be annoyed and stay happy for the sake of baby. He also apologizes to the baby, who has gone through a lot because of his dilemma.

Naira requests him not to lie to her again, even its for her betterment. She tells him that they have to be transparent in their relation and also share tensions, if they have right on their happiness. She realizes that he was just worried for her life. She understands his immense love.

Kartik tells her that he has a surprise for her, waiting at the cafe. He takes her to the cafe and asks her to close eyes. He gifts her the baby toy and tells her that he has bought many cute little things for the baby. Naira gets happy. They celebrate their baby’s coming into their lives. All gets well for Kartik and Naira. He promises her that he will always protect her and baby. On the other hand, Dadi plans to conduct puja and pray for having Goenka heir. She wants Naira to have a male child, so that the family heir comes to them soon. She explains Manish that Kartik and Naira will not have another child, so all her hopes are pinned to this child.

Manish agrees with Dadi when she convinces him by stating Kundli prediction. Kartik and Naira miss to hear Dadi’s planning for the first time. Dadi and Naira have an argument. Dadi asks Naira to eat the sweets. She has added some herbal powder in the sweets so that Naira gives birth to a baby boy. Kartik looks after Naira and feeds her kada. He tells her that its health drink and she has to drink it. Dadi and Kartik overfeed Naira. She gets troubled by them. Dadi and Kartik argue and want to feed sweets to her by their hands. Kartik asks Dadi why did she make so oily laddoos. Dadi asks him if he has to eat the laddoos, Naira has to eat the ghee laddoos so that the baby gets healthy, Naira likes ghee products too.

Kartik tells Dadi that Naira isn’t liking ghee post pregnancy. He tells that he has got the special oil free laddoos for Naira. Dadi asks him not to correct her, she has much experience, she will not listen to any doctor. Kartik and Dadi have cute arguments. The family laughs seeing them. Naira runs away when they get more laddoos to feed. There is a big competition between them, to show who loves the baby more. Naira wants to eat something spicy, not sweets. Dadi tells her that she loves the coming baby a lot.

There will be twists in Christmas. Naira becomes the cute Santa and wants to fulfill everyone’s wishes. She enjoys the Christmas. She gets pampered by everyone. Dadi keeps her wish that she wants Goenka heir, her great grandson. Kartik and Naira get a shock by Dadi’s wish. Kartik asks Dadi why does she always ruin their happiness.

Manish makes Kartik quiet and tells him that even he wants a grandson so that the family business goes in safe hands. He wants the Goenka heir too. Kartik tells them that their thinking is wrong, it doesn’t matter if its a baby girl or baby boy. He says be it a daughter or son, happiness will come home. Dadi asks Santa to fulfill her wish. Naira gets upset and worries that she may have a daughter. Naira turns stressed, which worries Kartik too. He doesn’t want Naira to face any issues in her pregnancy and asks the family not to burden Naira with their heir wish.


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