Aapke Aa Jane Se Sahil makes a shocking announcement

Aapke Aa Jane Se Sahil makes a shocking announcement

Aapke Aa Jane Se Sahil and Vedika perform a romantic dance in the masquerade party. They celebrate the New years. They get a chance to come closer, by forgetting all the external factors. Bhoomi and Usha try to make Vedika away from Sahil. Sahil goes lost in Vedika and his old memories. He sees true love in Vedika’s eyes and gets moved. Sahil gets confused over his past. Sahil feels he is really Sahil and goes to Vedika. He hears Vedika talking to someone that her plan is working and she has fooled Sahil into believing their past. He gets a shock and thinks Vedika is lying to her. He doesn’t see her face.

Its actually Bhoomi in Vedika’s avatar, who cooks up a fake story to cheat him again. Bhoomi and Usha plan this to fool him. Sahil gets angry on Vedika. He tells the family that Vedika is a liar, and she has cheated him. He decides to marry Bhoomi to put an end to all tensions. He plays dhol and announces his marriage. He asks Vedika to dance with him for the last time. He tells her that its Jacky’s marriage and they all should celebrate.

He asks Bhoomi to get ahead with marriage functions. He hates Vedika and angrily dances with her. Sahil is hurt that his faith on Vedika got broken. Sahil gets drunk and blurts out his frustration. Bhoomi and Usha’s plan works. They are happy that the marriage will happen the same day, and then Vedika will lose the challenge. Sahil was falling in love with Vedika. He feels hatred for her after Bhoomi’s misleading plans. Vedika and Sahil can’t live without each other. Bhoomi is happy to get Sahil’s name in her mehendi design. Vedika doesn’t want Sahil and Bhoomi to marry. Bhoomi and Usha threaten Vedika that they will poison Sahil if she does anything. What will Vedika do to win Sahil’s trust and save his life? Keep reading.


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